Terms and Concepts 15-24

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What in Egypt made productive agriculture lands? alluvial soil
What did the annual flooding of the Nile River form?alluvial soil
Away from the Nile, and in desserts, what can intense rainstorms create?wadis
What fill with so much sediment that they can rapidly become mudflows?wadis
What development stirred demands for self-rule that provided the basis for the modern countries that emerged?nationalism
What worldwide anti colonial thought and adopted European ideas did the urban middle class in North America come in contact with?nationalism
The worldwide anti colonial thought and adopted European Ideasnationalism
What are groups of people who move from place to place with herds of animals depending on the season and the availability of grass for grazing and water?nomads
What were the Berbers previously considered?pastoral nomads
Before Berbers lived as farmers, what were they previously?pastoral nomads
What are some of the Arabic-speaking peoples who migrated to North Africa from deserts in Southwest Asia:bedouins
What was a result of European colonial powers disagreeing over who would rule North Africa?geometric boundaries
What did the European colonial powers draw because of disagreements over who would rule North Africa?geometric boundaries
What can be problematic for countries with coastal access?aquifers
What is an underground source of water?aquifer
What can become salty and unusable for agriculture because it is in a country that has coastal access?aquifers
What is located in Jordan and is considered the lowest point in the Earth's land surfacerift valley
What is the other type of community, besides moshav, in Eastern Mediterranean countries?kibbutz
What has supported the cultivation of crops?kibbutz
Through what efforts has Israel produced a major portion of its food suppky?kibbutz
What does the climate in Turkey support?pastoralism
What is widely practiced in the interior of Turkey?pastoralism
What are the Tigris and Euphrates River?natural boundary
What is formed around historical region known as Mesopotamia?natural boundary
What is Mesopotamia?culture hearth
What is one of the worlds first culture hearths?mesopotamia
Where did the Tigris and Euphrates river form around?mesopotamia
What were the large, mud-brick temples built in Mesopotamia by the Sumerians called?ziggurat
What temples were shaped like pyramids and rose high above the flat landscape?ziggurat
Iran and Iraq are members of what organization?OPEC
What restored stability to the oil market ?OPEC
What supported economic recovery during the global recession in 2009?OPEC
What are the two branches of Islam?Sunni and Shia
What conservative sect broke off from the main branches of Islam?ibadhism
What is Islamic law?shari'ah
What specifies what a person owes to Allah, or God, and what he or she owes to other human beings?shari'ah
A muslims duty to Allah is satisfied by observing such practices as making a religious journey to Makkah called _______hajj
What are the Strait of Hormuz and the Bab el Mandeb considered?choke points
What accounts for 30 perfect of the energy used in Saudi Arabia?desalination plants


Question Answer
alluvial soilflood plain on which flooding rivers have deposited silt
wadisa steam bed that is dry except during a heavy rain
nationalismbelief in the right of each people to be an independent nation
nomadsa member of a wandering pastoral people'
Bedouinsmembers of the nomadic desert peoples of North Africa and Southwest Asia
geometric boundariesa boundary that follows a geometric pattern
aquiferunderground water-bearing layers of porous rock
Rift Valleyvalley formed by separation of tectonic plates
kibbutzcommunal farm or settlement in Israel
pastoralismthe raising of animals for food
natural boundaryboundary created by a physical feature
culture hearthcenter in which cultures develop and form which they are spread
mesopotamiaone of the worlds first cultural hearths
ziggurata large temple built by the Sumerians
OPECan organization of the oil exporting countries
Sunnia branch of Islam that regards the first four successors of Muhammad's as his rightful successors
Shiaa branch of Islam that regards Muhammad's son-in-law Ali and the imams as his rightful successors
Shari'ahIslamic law derived from the Quran and teachings of Muhammad
hajjyearly pilgrimage to Makkah that Muslims must make at least once
Choke pointsnarrow waterway between two larger bodies of water
desalinationremoval of salt from seawater
Sahelsteppe region extending from Senegal to Somalia that receives little rainfall
subsistence farmingfarming that provides basic needs of family
lingua francalanguage used among people with different native languages
overarmingland repeatedly farm soil nutrients are depleted
carry capacitypopulation are will support without decadence