Term questions 10-12

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What has been the primary process by which the landforms of Northern Europe came to be as they are today?glaciation
What in Northern Europe is now filled with sea water?fjords
The tectonic activity caused by the Eurasian and North American plates' seperating is the abundant source.geothermal energy
What provides Iceland with sustainable and inexpensive sources of energy?geothermal energy
What did trade in Northern Europe cause the countries to be?contiental
What is Copenhagen considered?entrepot
What practices in Copenhagen result in large shipments being divided into smaller amounts for distribution to other places?break-of-bulk
What are Northern Europe states known as?welfare states
What are countries such as Sweden, Scandinavia, Finland, and Iceland?welfare states
What was introduced after an increase in ship traffic since the 1950's?invasive species
What can have a detrimental effect of the Baltic Sea as a result of the relatively low number of species in it?invasive species
What is the southern edge of the Northwestern Europe covered by that makes it fertile?Ioess
What provides hundreds of thousands of acres for farming and settlemlent in the Netherlands?polders
What are reclaimed lands?polders
What were once drained and kept dry by the use of windmills?polders
What are regulators of sea water to areas that are below sea level called?polders
What can send gusts of bitterly cold air into Southern France?mitrals
What dry winds blow down from the mountains into valleys and plains that can trigger avalanches?foehns
These dry winds occur where in Europe?Northwestern
What occurred in the early 1700's?Industrial Revolution
What transformed manufacturing in Europe with the change from human to labor machines?Industrial Revolution
What spread to Belgium, France, Germany, and the United States?Industrial Revolution
Great Britain was the epicenter for this time period Industrial Revolution
What did widespread industrial change and social change create in Northernwestern Europe?industrial capitalism
Because of it, many factory workers were poorly paid and lived in crowded, unhealthy conditions.industrial capitalism
What created poor living conditions that resulted in the rise of communism?industrial capitalism
What did Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party plan?The Holocaust
What happened after WW2 as a result of the division of Europe?The Cold War
What caused Germany to divide into communist East Germany and democratic West Germany?The Cold War
What have several countries in the subregion including France, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland experienced?devolution
What has Northernwestern Europe ratified as a result of the global climate change partially caused by the emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities?Kyoto Protocol
What sets emission targets?Kyoto Protocol
What etablishes a system of cap-and-trade?Kyoto Protocol
What are the Pyrenees characterized by?massifs
The forces of plate tectonices are responsible for the rise of this physical feature found throughout Southern Europe.massifs
What causes earthquakes to transpire?massifs
What was Ancient Greece a collection of?city-states
What is Sparta and Athens considered as because of their independence and own form of government?city-states

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