Teratogen Drugs

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Question Answer
ACEIrenal damage
alkylating agentsabsence of digits; multiple anomalies
aminoglycosidesCN VIII toxicity
carbazepineneural tube defect; craniofacial defect; fingernail hypoplasia; developmental delay; IUGR
diethylstilbestrol vaginal clear cell adenocarcinoma; congenital mullerial anomalies
folate antagonistsneural tube defects
lithiumebstein anomaly (RV becomes atrialized and RA becomes muscular due to tricuspid malformation)
methimazoleaplasia cutis congenita
phenytoinfetal hydantoin syndrome: microcephaly, dysmorphic craniofacial features, hypoplastic nails + distal phalanges, cardiac defects, IUGR, intellectual disabilities
tetracyclinesdiscolored teeth ("teethracycline")
thalidomidelimb defects (phocomelia, micromelia; flipper limbs) "thalimbdomide"
valproateinhibits maternal folate absorption - neural tube defects
warfarinbone deformities, fetal hemorrhage, abortion, opthalmologic abnormalities (heparin does not cross placenta) "dont wage war with baby"
alcoholmost common cause of mental retardation, facial abnormalities, microcephaly
Cocaineintrauterine growth retardation and placental abruption
cigarette smokeintrauterine growth retardation (same as coke, imagine a loser smoking and doing coke)
isotretinoinspontaneous abortion; hearing and visual impairment