Ten Dash Codes

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Section 1

Question Answer
10-1Receiving poorly
10-2Receiving well
10-3Stop transmitting
10-4Message understood
10-7Out of service
10-8In service
10-10Out of service subject to call

Section 2

Question Answer
10-11Dispatching too fast
10-12Officials or visitors present
10-13Weather or road conditions your area
10-14Convoy or escort
10-15Prisoner in custody
10-16Pick up prisoner in custody
10-17Pick up papers/package at...
10-18Complete assignment ASAP
10-19Return to station
10-20Give your location

Section 3

Question Answer
10-21Call by phone
10-22Take no further action on last info
10-23Standby until channel clears
10-24Emergency this station all units
10-25Do you have contact with...
10-26Can you obtain data on...
10-27Any answer our number
10-28Obtain registration on...
10-29Check stolen/wanted on...
10-30Does not conform to rules/regs

Section 4

Question Answer
10-33Emergency traffic d/n transmit unless necessary
10-34Standby for local dispatch
10-35Confidential information
10-36Give correct time
10-37Give name of operator on duty
10-38Station report satisfactory
10-39Your message has been delivered
10-40Is available for radio call

Section 5

Question Answer
10-41Call this station on alternate frequency
10-42Officer now at home
10-43Have call officers residence
10-44Station ... is calling your station
10-45Give name of officer in charge
10-46Advise if available for phone call
10-47Officer is available at
10-48Is not available now
10-49Pick up passenger at ...
10-50No traffic for you

Section 6

Question Answer
10-51Message for delivery by phone
10-52Message for written summary
10-53Do you have traffic for this station
10-54Clear teletype
10-55Message for delivery your station
10-56Teletype busy
10-57Teletype out of service
10-58Teletype in service
10-59Tape following for repeat dispatch
10-60Give next message number

Section 7

Question Answer
10-61Standby for teletype message
10-62Unable to copy on radio- use teletype
10-63Net in use
10-64Net clear
10-65Clear for measage or assignment
10-66Clear for cancellation
10-67All stations redispatch the following...
10-68Repeat dispatch
10-69Have your dispatched
10-70Net message for all stations

Section 8

Question Answer
10-71Proceed with traffic
10-75Standby for severe weather alert
10-76Give daily traffic
10-77Give mileage your unit
10-78Send ambulance
10-79Send wrecker

Section 9

Question Answer
10-81Officer will be at your station
10-83Have call this station
10-86Advise phone number your station
10-87Give call letters your station
10-88Advise phone number officer ...

Section 10

Question Answer
10-92Your quality is poor
10-93Your quality is good
10-94Call this station by teletype
10-95Advise telephone call your station
10-96Give test count
10-97Arrived at scene
10-98Finished with last assignment
10-99Unable to receive your signal