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Which of these meds is not used too much due to adverse effects? a. ranitidine, b. nizatidine c.cimetidine e. famitidine
Which of these Insulin is considered less antigenic for humans? human recombinant, beef, portk

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SE of haloperidol and other high potency drugs that occur within a few days? SE after weeks of usedystonia, chronic parkinsonism, tardive dyskinesia
dystonia rx can be reversed withantihistamines (e.g., diphenhydramine), anticholinergic drugs( eg benztropine) or diazepam
how does caffine enhance performanceinhibits phosphodiesterase which is the enzyme that breaks down cAMP. If cAMP isn't degraded it will continue to activate protein kinase A which breaks down glycogen and triglyceride
sucralfate cannot be mixed withranitidine or any histamine blockers bc H2 blocks decr acid, and sucralfate only works in a acidic environment
what does zero-order elimination mean? what drugs exhibit zero orderrate of elimination is constant regardless of conentration of drug Alcohol, phenytoin, aspirin(at high doses) PEA(A pea is round, shaped like an O like a zero
zero order vs first order: zero order-rate of elimination is constant regardless of how much drug there is, first order-rate of elimination is proportional to how much drug there is
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midazolam is what classbenzodiazepine, used for anterograde amnesia
flumazenil is used forbenzodiazepine antagonist(only used for benzos, not useful to reverse the effects of other CNS depressants such as barbiturates or ethanol
atropine clinicalAnti-AChE poisoning
physostigmine vs pralidoximephysostigmine is used for atropine overdose, pralidoxime is given with atropine for organophosphate poisoning
atropine vs pralidoximeboth given for organophosphate or anti-cholinesinerase poisoning. Atropine blocks ACh, pralidoxime regenerates active AcH-E
what is deferoxamine used foriron poisoning
N-acetylcysteineused for acetaminophen overdose
to enhance the elimination of aspirin what drug can be usedsodium bicarbonate
dimercaprol succimerantidote for Arsenic, mercury, gold overdose