Technology and Sources of Information

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National 4 and 5 Administration and IT


On this page you will find some of the terms related to Technology and Sources of Information. Good luck!

Useful Technology Terms


Question Answer
Bookmarks/FavouritesStore of frequently visited websites for easy access
DownloadInformation found on internet and saved onto the computer or storage device
Homepagethe first page on a website with general information about the organisation and its products or services
HyperlinkA facility which enables computer users to go from one part of a website to another
LANLocal Area Network
Search BoxA facility to help find specific items of information on a website
Search EngineA facility to help find specific items of information on the internet
URLUniform Resource Locator or Web Address
WANWide Area Network
Web BrowserSoftware application used to access, retrieve and view information on the internet

Internet And Its Uses


Question Answer
Interneta network of connected computers linked together across the world
Researchingfinding out information on travel/accommodation; latest news; suppliers and competitor products etc
Advertisingdisplaying information about the business, its products and job vacancies etc
Ecommercebuying and selling products worldwide 24/7
Booking making travel and hotel confirmations
Emailingsending and receiving information to customers, suppliers and staff
Web Conferencingholding face-to-face meetings with users in different locations
Reviewinggetting customer feedback and reviews via surveys

Advantages Of The Internet


Question Answer
Up-to-date informationdata is regularly updated so the most recent is available
Unlimited informationdata is available on any number of different topics
Detailed informationdata is vast and more than normal books
Convenient accessdata is available to users 24/7 wherever they happen to be
Available instantlydata can be seen immediately (eg booking a seat on a flight)

What Makes Information Reliable?


Question Answer
Reputabledata from well-known organisations like the BBC are more likely to be accurate
Up-to-datedata from websites constantly reviewed is better than data from outdated websites
Well designeddata from professional websites is likely to be better than data from substandard ones
Good securitydata on padlocked websites are better when paying for items over the internet than unprotected websites

What Makes Information Unreliable?


Question Answer
Out-of-dateold data not regularly reviewed
Inaccuratedata with mistakes
Biaseddata that is based on people’s own viewpoints or opinions not actual facts
Insecuredata can be stolen when hackers access sites

What Are The Consequences of Unreliable Information?


Question Answer
Out-of-datereports will be wrong so people may make wrong decisions
Inaccurateresearch will be wrong and the business may lose orders or sales
Biasedtrue facts are not recorded so wrong decisions are made
Insecurepersonal information can fall into the wrong hands and money may be stolen

Intranet And Its Advantages


Question Answer
IntranetA network of connected computers linked within an organisation
Easy accessall staff can get entry to the same information or use the same software
Time savinginformation needs to be updated once only
Paper savinginformation is stored electronically so saving on paper and photocopying
Cost savingsprogrammes can be shared and less money is needed for printing
Improved communicationsinternal emails and e-diaries help staff communicate better