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Hardwoodcome from broad-leaved, deciduous trees.usually harder and heavier
Softwoodcome from coniferous trees which are evergreen. lower in cost. fairly hard and dense
MahoganyGenerally straight grain. hardword
beechpale, smooth texture, straight grain. hardwood
pinehard, expensive, straight grain. softwood
redwoodfairly strong, stable
mdfcost effective, smooth surface
chipboardcheep but not strong

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waterbased paintvery cheap
polyurethane paintexpensive, waterproof
polyurethane varnishseals &protects, smooth surface finish
preservative stainsenhances appearance
oilsmaintains appearance, some offer protection

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thermosettingcan only be heated and shaped once.
thermoplasticcan be heated and shaped many times.
melamineHeat resistant, non-recycable, hard, good strength, thermosetting
polyester resinnon-recycable, resistant to chemicals, low cost, thermosetting
acrylicTransparent, good weatherability, rigid, flamable, thermoplastic
Rigid polystyrenelight, strong, chemical resistance, thermoplastic

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ferrouscontains iron
non-ferrousdoes not contain iron
mild steelstrong, cheap, rust, cannot be hardened, ferrous
stainless steelHard, doesn't rust, cannot be hardened, ferrous
Aluminiumlight, soft, easily scratched, non-ferrous
brassheavy, quite hard, malleable, ductile, corrosion resistant, non-ferrous

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paintgives protection,
polishingremoves scratches, improves appearance
dip coatingsmooth finish, durable, protects
galvanisingprevents rusting and corrosion

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scriberfor marking out metal
centre punchstops the drill from sliding over metal
spring dividersfor inscribing circles, dividing lengths and transferring measurements from a rule to material
marking knifecuts across fibres of wood to give a clean cut when sawing or chisiling