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Section 1

Question Answer
T-SquareTo draw horizontal lines
Set squaresTo draw common angles quickly
CompassTo draw arcs and circles
Building templatesTo draw building symbols
French curve Flex curveTo draw circles with no fixed radii
DividersTo transfer measurements
Semi automatic pencilUsed to draw lines or print
Erasing sheild To remove parts of unwanted lines
Sanding blockTo keep the pencil point in order
Draftsman brushTo remove scraps from paper
ScaleTo set off dimensions
Radius curveTo draw various radii
Drawing boardTo house drwing paper when drawing projects
StencilsTo print leters and other symbols quickly
PencilTo print letters and draw lines
ComputersTo draw;an alternative to other instruments

Section 2

Question Answer
Construction lineA thin line used to indicate how and object was constructed
Object/outlineBold bright and very sharp lines used to indicate visible edges and corners of an object