Tcs 10-12

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glaciationa process by which glaciers form and spread
fjorda long, steep sided glacial valley now filled by seawater
geothermala form of energy conversion that captures heat energy from within earth
continentalrelating to or characteristic of a continent
entrepotcommercial center where goods are received and reshipped
break-of-bulkact of unloading, tranferring, or distributing part or all of a shipment
welfare statea state that manage fundamental activity for the social welfare of its citizens (quality of living)
invasive speciesa non-indeginous or non-native species that threatens ecosystems, habitats, or other species
loessfine, yellowish, brownish topsoil made up of particles of slit and clay, carried and deposited by the wind
polderlow-lying area from which sea water has been drained to create new land
mistrala strong northerly wind from the Alps that can bring cold air to Southern France
foehnsa dry wind that blows from the leeward sides of mountains, sometimes melting snow and causing avalanches; term used mainly in Europe
Industrial Revolutionbeginning in the 1700's, the rapid, major change in the economy with the introduction of power-driven machinery
Holocaustthe mass murder of 6 million Jews by Germany's Nazi regime during WW2
Cold Warthe power struggle between the Soviet Union and the United States after WW2
devolutionthe granting of self-rule to local and regional authorities
Kyoto Protocalan amendment to the international treaty on climate change designed to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by specific countries
massifa body of mountain ranges formed by fault-line activity
city statean independently governed community consisting of a city and the surrounding lands, notably present in ancient Greece

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