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Port Number Assignments

Question Answer
The "well-known" ports1-1023
Registered ports1024 - 49151
Private ports49152 - 65535

IPv4 Address Classes and Address Range

Question Answer
A (private)
B (private)
C (private)


Question Answer
ACKAcknowledgement packet
Anycast AddressIs obtained from a list of addresses
ARINAmerican Registry for Internet Numbers
ARPAddress Resolution Protocol, used to map an IP address to its MAC address
ARPAnetAdvanced Research Projects Agency network
CIDRClassless interdomain routing
CIDR BlockThe grouping of two or more class networks together; also called supernetting
Class A, B, C, D, and EThe five classes of IPv4
ClassfulThe IP and subnet addresses are within the same network
Classful AddressingThe network portion of a particular network address
Connection-Oriented ProtocolEstablishes a network connection, manages the delivery of data, and terminates the connection
FTPFile Transfer Protocol
HexHexadecimal, base 16
ICANNThe Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers
IGMPInternet Group Message Protocol
Internet LayerDefines the protocols used for addressing and routing data packets
IP (Internet Protocol)Defines the addressing used to identify the source and destination addresses of data packets being delivered over an IP network
IPngThe next generation IP
IPv4The IP version currently being used on the Internet
IPv6IP version 6
Multicast AddressData packets sent to a multicast address are sent to the entire group of networking devices, such as a group of routers running the same routing protocol
MulticastingWhen one host sends data to many destination hosts
NCPNetwork Control Protocol
Network Interface LayerDefines how the host connects to the network
Non-Internet Routable IP AddressesIP addresses not routed on the Internet
Prefix length notationAnother shorthand technique for writing the subnet mask except class boundaries are not being crossed
RIRsRegional Internet registries, IANA-designated governing organizations responsible for IP address allocation by geographical location
SupernetsThe grouping of two or more class networks together; also called CIDR blocks
SupernettingAllows multiple networks to be specified by one subnet mask
SYN ACKSynchronizing Acknowledgement packet
UnicastThe packet has a fixed destination.
Unicast AddressUsed to identify a single network interface address, and data packets are sent directly to the computer with the specified IPv6 address
Well-known PortsPorts reserved by ICANN