Taxi Announcement - Safety Demonstration

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Paragraph 1Welcome aboard Alaska Airlines flight 222 with service to Portland proudly operated by Horizon Air. Your flight attendants are .... and ..... We are here to ensure your flight is safe and comfortable.
Paragraph 2Please refer to the safety card located in the seat pocket in front of you as we review the safety features of the E 175 aircraft
Paragraph 3There are four clearly marked exits. 2 exits in the front of the cabin one on each side, and 2 exits in the back of the cabin one on each side.
Paragraph 4All 4 exits are equipped with inflatable evacuation slides. all exits are marked with red and white signs... And there are two strips of lighting on the aisle floor in a dark cabin the strips mark the route to the exits.
Paragraph 5Should additional oxygen become necessary, oygen masks will automatically fall from the panel above your head in the passenger cabin and lavatories.
Reach for the nearest mask pull it down to start the flow of oxygen and remove it from the clip. place the mask over your nose and mouth and secure the mask with the elastc band. The bag attached will not inflate; however oxygen will be flowing. Secure our own mask before assisting others and continue to wear the mask until you have been advised that it is no longer necessary.
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Paragraph 8To fasten your seatbelt, place the flat end into the buckle Adjust the strap to tighten or lengthen. To release, lift the top of the buckle and pull the belt free. It is a requirement to wear your seatbelt whenever you are seated.
Paragraph 9Federal law requires customers comply with all crewmember instructions lighted signs and posted placards. Federal law also prohibits customers from drinking their own alcohol aboard an aircraft.
Paragraph 10Due to federal law, smoking including e-cigarettes is prohibited as is tampering with diabling or destroying lavatory smoke detectors
Paragraph 11There are two lavatories in the cabin a forward lavatory for customers in first class and a lavatory in the back of the aircraft for those seated in rows 6 or higher For security purposes no line may form a the forward lavatory.
Paragraph 12Your seat cushion may be used as a flotation device if necessary. Pull it up and away from the seat frame and put your arms through the straps on the underside of the cushion rest your upper body on the cushion.
Paragraph 13If you are traveling with an infant instructions for the use of infant life vests are on the safety information card. Flight attendants will distribute infant life vest if needed.
Paragraph 14We will soon be cleared for takeoff. please ensure your seatbelt is fastened low and tight tray tables and seatbacks are upright and locked and all carryon items remain stowed. small hand held items may be held or secured.
Paragraph 15.
We will be turning off the cabin lights for departure your reading light is above you. we are happy to have you with us today and hope you enjoy our 2 hour flight to Portland.