Taxi Announcement - Safety Demonstration

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Question Answer
Paragraph 1Good morning ladies and gentlemen. You TV screens will be turned off until the end of the safety demonstration.
Paragraph 2Welcome aboard Frontier Airlines Airbus 319 Jet service to Denver. Our flying time is 2 hours and 15 minutes. Your flight attendant are Tom, Dick and my name is Kelly. Captain Rick Richards is in command and is assisted by first officer Dan Daniels.
Paragraph 3On behalf of your flight crew, and Jack the rabbit, on the tail, thank you for choosing Frontier today.
Paragraph 4Please make sure your seat back and tray table are in the upright and locked position. Check to see that your seat belt is securely fastened and that all carry-ons including handbags are places under the seat in front of you.
Paragraph 5In the seat back you will find a safety information card illustrating important safety features of this aircraft. Please direct your attention to the flight attendants as we demonstrate these safety features.
Paragraph 6To fasten your seat belt, insert the flat, metal end into the buckle; to tighten, pull on the loose strap; to release, lift up on the top of the buckle. The seat belt should be worn low and tight across your lap.
Paragraph 7Our aircraft is equipped with six emegency exits. There are two door exits in the front and two door exits in the rear of the cabin. In addition, there are two overwing exits. Each exit is equipped with an evacuation slide that inflates automatically when opened.
Paragraph 8All exits are clearly marked with red and white exit signs. Emergency lighting along the aisle will direct you to red light at all exits. Locate your nearest exits, keeping in mind that they may be behind you.
Paragraph 9In the event of a water evacuation, your seat cushion is designed for floatation. The cusion is easily removed and may be used by placing your arms through the straps on the bottom and hugging it tightly to your chest. Additional information reguarding flotation devices for small children may be found in the safety information card.
Paragraph 10Our cabin will be pressurized during flight. Should there be a loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will automatically drop from the compartment above your seat. Immediately pull down on a mask until the plastic tubing is fully extended to start the flow of oxygen. Place the mask over your nose and mouth, secure with the elastic band, and breathe normally. The mask may be adjusted by pulling on the tabs on either side of the mask. Please adjust your mask before assisting a child or another passenger. Although oxygen is flowing, the bag may not inflate.
Paragraph 11Federal Aviation Regulations require passenger compliance with crewmember instruction, fasten seat belt signs, all other lighted information signs and posted placecards.
Paragraph 12Smoking is not permitted on the aircraft, including in the lavatories. Federal law prohibits tampering with, disabling, or destroying a lavatory smoke detector.
Paragraph 13For everyone's comfort, safety, and security, we require that passengers refrain from congregating in the aisle, galleys, and lavatories during the flight. Only one passeneger is allowed to be waiting in the forward aisle or entry area at any time.
Paragraph 14In just a moment we will activate DIRECTV. Please enjoy this free preview compliments of Froniter. If you are a Frontier Summit or Ascent member, you may activate your TV at anytime with your frequent flyer card. If you have a classic or Classic Plus indicated on your boarding pass, we will activate your somplimentray TV after takeoff.
Paragraph 15We look forward to flying with you today.