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Section 1

Question Answer
besiegeto attack by surrounding
compressto press together
denounceto condemn openly; to accuse formally
dispatchto send off or out for a purpose
douseto plunge; drench
expresslyplainly; in so many words,
forsaketo give up or abandon
gainfulmaking money

Section 2

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immense very large or great
ineptwithout skill; clumsy
ingeniousclever; smart
instantaneousdone in an instant
irkto annoy
libela written statement that harms someone's reputation
misgivingfeeling of fear or doubt
oafa stupid person
recedeto go or move backward
repasta meal, food

Section 3

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adversedifficult; unfavorable
assailanta person who attacks another
billowa large wave
confrontto meet face-to-face, especially as a challenge
constrainto hold back or limit
contemporarybelonging to the same period of time
depictto portray, sketch, draw
disinterested to not care
encompassto encircle; to surround
groundlesswithout any good reason or cause
hypocritetwo faced
incomprehensibleimpossible to understand

Section 4

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manipulate to control for your gain or advantage
maximumthe greatest amount possible
mimicto imitate
ruffleto wrinkle
serenepeaceful, calm
sheepishembarrassed, meek, shy
staminathe strength needed to keep going
barragea rapid outpouring of something
bigotracist, prejudiced person
designateto decide which person will do something, to select, appoint
diversitydifference, variety
enigma something puzzling
gloatto brag, to take great personal joy in
globalrelated to the entire world
illusiona false idea, to see something that doesn't really exist
infuriateto make very angry

Section 5

Question Answer
motivateto provide with a reason for doing
pacifista person against war
queuea line
restrictto keep within limits
sagea very wise person
slaketo satisfy, relieve, or bring to an end
terrainthe landscape
vocationan trade or occupation
vowa promise or a pledge
waylayto lie in wait and attack
witherto dry up, wilt, sag

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