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Expired air over the vocal cords in the ___ produces sound.larynx
A deep breath, followed by closure of the glottis and fixing of the diaphragm to help abdominal and evacuating muscles...straining
Name 3 lovely things the "straining" is used for.urination, defecation, childbirth
Inhalation creates a negative intrathoracic pressure. This helps venous return to the _____ and ____ return to the large veins of the neck.heart, lymphatic
The trachea is ____ inches long.4.5 inches
The trachea starts at the end of the ___. llarynx
The trachea start at the lower border of ___ vertebra.C6
The trachea ends at the level of ___ vertebra.T5 (sternal angle)
The trachea "ends" at T5 because it _________.bifurcates (into right and left bronchi)
The trachea doesn't collapse due to ___-___ C-shaped cartilages.16-20
T/F-- the POSTERIOR side of the C-shaped cartilages are closed by a fibroelastic membrane containing transverse and longitudinal smooth muscle fibers.T
The lining of the trachea is __________, ciliated columnar. pseudostratified
The THYROID ISTHMUS covers numbers _________, _________ , and ___ tracheal rings.2, 3, 4
Below the thyroid isthmus (below TR 4) the trachea is covered by ___ ___.pretracheal fascia
T/F -- Pretracheal fascia is part of the visceral fascia of the neck.T
What contains the inferior thyroid plexus of veins?pretracheal fascia
The pretracheal fascia contains what?inferior thyroid plexus of veins
What nerves lie between the trachea and esophagus?recurrent laryngeal nerves (Repetitive Larrys of nerves. They are like - Trachea stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself. - Trachea- OMG stop! - Larry - it was the esophagus!
Trachea left side stuff ...apex of lung, arch of the aorta, left vagus nerve
Trachea right side stuff...apex of lung, azygos vein, right vagus nerve (azygos will cross over to reach SVC)
Trachea blood supplyinferior thyroid artery
Trachea sympathetic innervation middle cervical ganglion of sympathetic chain
Trachea parasympathetic innervationright vagus, recurrrent laryngeal nerves
Rebel Wilson is short, wide, and proud! So she stands straight up and vertical. Is she like the right or the left bronchus?right bronchus (shorter, wider, more vertical - You're right Rebel! You go girl!)
Is right or left lung more susceptible to inhaled foreign objects?right (due to right bronchus shorter wider more vertical - Rebel! you're gonna get us killed)
T/F -- The RIGHT bronchus is located first above and then behind the right pulmonary artery.T
The right bronchus divides into ___ branches. Left _________ branches.3, 2 (called lobar bronchi)
T/F -- Right bronchus - upper middle lower --***--- left bronchus - upper lowerT
T/F -- The LEFT bronchus passes under the arch of the aorta to reach the root of the lung. T
Are your lungs like an orange traffic cone?DEFINITELY - because they're conical in shape - base down - bass down low
The surface of the lung the corresponds to the chest wall is called the ___ surface.costal
The medial surface of the lung is ___ (convex, concave) and directed towards the mediastinum.concave
T/F -- the medial surface of the lung is the mediastinal surface and the inferior surface is the diaphragmatic surface.T
The serous membranes that cover the lung are called ____.pleurae
The pleurae membranes are made of ____ and connective tissue.mesothelium
The ____ pleura lines the chest wall and covers the upper surface of the diaphragm and apex, and the medial surface of the lung.parietal
The visceral and parietal layers are continuous ___ and ____ to the root of the lung.anterior, posterior
The root of the lung is where the large ___ and the ___ vessels enter or leave.bronchus, pulmonary
The fold of the parietal pleura below the root of the lung... pulmonary ligament
Below the root of the lung the parietal layer extends along the ____ surface before it becomes continues with the visceral layer.medial (this allows a dead space for dilatation of pulmonary veins)
The parietal and visceral layers are separated by a thin layer of ___.fluid
The space between the parietal and visceral pleurae is called the...pleural cavity
The pleural cavity has a ____ pressure that _____ upon inspiration.negative, increases
If you get air in the pleural cavity, what will happen to your lung?it will collapse (pneumothorax)
Name a disease that you might treat with artificial pneumothorax.Tuberculosis
Inflammation of the pleura...pleurisy
Accumulation of exudates in the pleural cavity due to inflammation...pleurisy with effusion
Removing fluid from pt. with pleurisy with effusion is called...paracentesis OR pleural tapping
Lung fissures are lined with ___ pleurae.visceral
The right lung has ___ lobes. Left lung ___.3, 2
The costal course of the oblique fissure corresponds to rib number _________.6
What divides the left lung into upper and lower lobes?oblique fissure
The notch on the anterior of the LEFT lung is the ...cardiac notch
Left lung, upper lobe, between the oblique fissure and the cardiac notch you will find....lingula
RIGHT LUNG what separates the upper lobe from the middle?horizontal fissure
The RIGHT LUNG horizontal fissure goes from a point on the oblique fissure to the ___ hilum
The lobar bronchi branch again to become _________ bronchi.segmental
Segmental bronchus + its bronchioles + surrounding lung tissue = ___ ___bronchopulmonary segment
Can you remove a whole bronchopulmonary segment without compromising the health of the remainder of the lung?yes
RIGHT LUNG --- upper lobe _________ bronchopulmonary segments -- middle ___ subdivisions -- lower _________ subdivisions. 3, 2, 5 (including cardiac segment)
RIGHT LUNG --- name the lobes and segmentsUPPER 3 bronchopulomary segments, MIDDLE 2 subdivisions, LOWER 5 subdivisions
LEFT LUNG --- upper lobe ___ subdivisions -- lower _________ subdivisions.5, 4 (80% of people have 9 total, cardiac segment present in 20% of people)
LEFT LUNG --- name the lobes and segmentsUPPER 5 subdivisions, LOWER 4 subdivisions
The lung tissues get their oxygenated blood supply from...bronchial arteries (from descending aorta)
RIGHT LUNG gets ___ bronchial arteries and LEFT LUNG gets ___ bronchial arteries.1, 2
The pulmonary _________ (artery, vein) runs along with the bronchial arteries.artery
The pulmonary ___ (arteries, veins) are formed from tributaries that tend to run in intersegmental connective tissue septae.pulmonary veins
The HEART and the LUNGS drain into the ___ lymphs nodes.tracheobronchial lymph nodes (located near trachea and bifurcation)
The tracheobronchial lymph vessels end up in the ____ and ____ _____ lymph trunk.right and left mediastinal lymph trunk
Tracheobronchial lymphs vessels --> right and left mediastinal lymph trunk --> _________ _________ OR ---> ___ veins on their own side.thoracic duct, brachiocephalic
The tracheobronchial lymph nodes are very close to the bronchi. ___ ___ cancer can obliterate bronchi and cause lung to collapse.metastatic bronchopulmonary
Lungs - sympathetic innervation - preganglionic nerve cell origin?T1, T2, T3
Lungs - sympathetic innervation - postganglionic nerve cell origin?inferior cervical and upper thoracic sympathetic ganglia
Sympathetic fibers supply the ___ muscles of small bronchioles and blood vessels.smooth
Sympathetic stimulation --> relaxation of the bronchi and ___ of the blood vessels.constriction
Lungs - parasympathetic innervation - preganglionic fibers are carried by the...vagus ( pass to the anterior and posterior pulmonary plexuses)
The parasympathetic, preganglionic fibers (vagus) pass to the anterior and posterior pulmonary plexuses at the root of the lungs where they relay with...nerve cells of postganglionic fibers
Parasympathetic stimulation ---> constriction of the bronchi and secretion of _________ _________.mucous glands

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