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Question Answer
Both the heart and the proximal ends of _________ _________ are enclosed by the ___. great vessels, pericardium
The heart is attached to the sternum via the ___ ligaments. sternopericardiac
Name 3 things you will encounter traveling posteriorly from the heart to the backbone.esophagus, descending aorta, oblique sinus
Percardium - fibroserous sac formed of 3 layers ___, ___, and ___. visceral, parietal, fibrous
What is between the visceral and parietal layers of the pericardium?pericardial cavity
The fibrous layer of the pericardium - the apex is attached to the roots of the great vessels and the base is attached to the... central tendon of the diaphragm
Areas of continuity between the parietal and visceral serous pericardium around great vessels, create reflections of serous pericardiumpericardial sinuses
The ___ ___ sinus separates the aorta and pulmonary artery from the superior vena cana.transverse pericardial
The ___ ___ sinus is formed by reflection of serous pericardium. oblique pericardial
What you reach up behind the heart and your finger stops, what is that?oblique pericardial sinus
What is the nerve supply of the pericardium?phrenic nerves and intercostal nerves
The inferior border of the heart is the _________ _________.right ventricle
The right border of the heart is the _________ _________.right atrium
The left border of the heart is the _________ _________.left ventricle
The apex of the heart is the _________ _________.left ventricle
The apex of the heart is in the left 5th intercostal space, ~_________ inches from the midline.3.5
The base of the heart is formed by the ___.atria
The anterior surface of the heart aka...sternocostal surface
The anterior of the heart is mainly the ___ ventricle and the posterior is mainly the ___ atrium.right, left


Question Answer
The fossa ovalis is located in the _________ _________.right atrium (draw straight line between SVC and IVC)
Right atrium: the anterior rough part is called the ___.auricle
Right atrium: part of the rough stuff in the anterior is the ___ ___ and ___ (sulcus) terminalis.musculi pectinati, crista
Right atrium: the posterior inflowing part is the ____ part.smooth
The right atrium receives the SVC, IVC and the ___ _________.coronary sinus
The atrioventricular canal is in the ___ ___.right atrium
Right ventricle: the smooth, outflowing part leads to the ___ ___.pulmonary trunk
Right ventricle: what separates the inflowing and outflowing part?supraventricular ridge
Right ventricle: the in-flowing part is muscular and ___.rough
The right ventricle has _________ papillary muscles.3
The 3 papillary muscles in the right ventricle are - ___, _________, and ___.anterior, posterior, and septal
The septomarginal trabeculae is located in the _________ _________.right ventricle
Right ventricle: the "ridges and bridges" are the...trabeculae carne
Trabeculae carne are located in the ___ ___.right ventricle
The tricupsid valve is located in the ___ ___.right ventricle
In the right ventricle, the tricuspid valve has 3 parts - ___, ___, and ___.anterior, posterior, and septal
The pulmonary valve is located in the ___ ___.right ventricle
In the right ventricle, the pulmonary valve is guarded by 3 ___ cusps.semilunar
In the right ventricle, the pulmonary valve has 3 parts - ___, ___, and ___.right, left and anterior
The supraventricular ridge, 3 papillary muscles, septomarginal trabeculae, trabeculae carne, tricupid valve, and the pulmonary valve are all located in the ___ ___.right ventricle
The fossa ovalis, auricle, musculi pectinati, crista terminalis, the coronary sinus, and the atrio venticuar canal are all located in the ___ ___.right atrium
Which is thicker - the left or the right ventricle?left ventricle
The left ventricle is ___ times thicker than the right ventricle.3
Which has more trabeculae carne fibers - right or left ventricle?right ventricle
Which has coarser trabeculae carne fibers - right or left ventricle?left ventricle
The ___ ___ has fewer, but coarser trabeculae carne fibers.left ventricle
The left ventricle has _________ papillary muscles.2
The left ventricle has 2 papillary muscles - ___ and ___.anterior and posterior
Mitral valve aka...bicuspid valve (left ventricle)
What is the mitral valve (bicsupid valve) located?left ventricle
The outflowing of the left ventricle leads to the _________ ___.ascending aorta
Does the left ventricle has septomarginal trabeculae?NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
Few, but coarse trabeculae carne, 2 papillary muscles, and the mitral valve are located in the ___ ___.left ventricle
What returns venous blood to the heart from the heart itself?the coronary sinus
The ____ muscles connect to the cusps.papillary
The ____ muscles line the muscular walls of the ventricles.trabeculae carne
Keeps orifices open...skeleton of the heart
Provides myocardial attachment...skeleton of the heart
Provides attachment for cusps and valves...skeleton of the heart
Acts as an electrical insulator so that chambers contract independently...skeleton of the heart
What does my Uncle Leif and the skeleton of the heart have in common?figure 8 shape (Uncle Leif Erickson 7th in ice dancing at Olympic try-outs! Yay Uncle Leif!)


Ausculate this time! Boom! Right heart lets pump! Boop! Left heart lets pump! Boom! Hands on your knees when you're all wheezey wheezey wheeze!:
Question Answer
MITRAL - ___ side, ____ intercostal space.left, 5th intercostal space
TRICUSPID - _____ end of the ______.lower end of the sternum
AORTIC - ____ side, ___ intercostal space.right, 2nd intercostal space
PULMONARY - ___ side, ___ intercostal space.left, 2nd intercostal space
LEFT, 5th intercostal spacemitral
Lower end of sternumtricuspid
RIGHT, 2nd intercostal spaceaortic
LEFT, 2nd intercostal spacepulmonary


Heart Blood Supply
Question Answer
Where is the right coronary groove located?between the right atrium and right ventricle
What is located in the right coronary groove?right coronary artery
What is the origin of the coronary arteries?right and left sinuses of ascending aorta
What is between the coronary trunk and the left auricle?left coronary
The anterior descending artery and the circumflex branches came from what artery?left coronary
Name 2 things the left coronary artery splits into.anterior descending and circumflex branches
Supplies the right atrium, most of the right ventricle, Sino-atrial node, Atrio-ventricular node, and posterior 1/3 of Interventricular septum.right coronary artery
The right marginal is a branch of...right coronary artery
The posterior descending is a branch of...right coronary artery
The nodal branch is a branch of...right coronary artery
Name 3 branches of the right coronary artery.right marginal, posterior descending, and nodal branch
Supplies the left atrium, most of the left ventricle, and the anterior 2/3 of Interventricular septum. In 20% of peeps, also the atrio-ventricular node.left coronary artery
Anterior 2/3 IVS is ___ coronary artery and posterior 1/3 of IVS is ___ coronary artery.left, right
For the LEFT coronary artery, anterior descending and circumflex are a given. But the nodal branch is in ___% of peeps and the posterior descending ___% of peeps.20%, 33% (normally nodal branch and posterior descending are associated with RIGHT coronary artery)
About 67% of the heart is supplied by the _________ ___ artery.right coronary artery


Heart Vein Supply
Question Answer
What drains the heart?coronary sinus and vena cordis minimae
Where is the coronary sinus located?posterior part of left coronary groove
Where is the left coronary groove located?between left atrium and left ventricle
The coronary sinus opens into the ...right atrium
What receives the small, great, middle and middle cardiac veins - the oblique vein of the left atrium - and the posterior ventricular veins?coronary sinus
Small veins that open directly into different chambers of the heart...vena cordis minimae
The left anterior descending artery aka...anterior interventricular artery (fuck.)
The left anterior descending artery AKA anterior interventricular artery run alongside the ___ ___ vein.great cardiac
The RIGHT coronary artery will usually anastamose with the ___ artery.circumflex


Conducting System of the Heart and Randos
Question Answer
T/F: 1. SAN --- 2. AV node --- 3. AV bundle --- 4. Rt and Lt branches of AV bundle --- 5. Purkinje fibersT
1. _____ --- 2. AV node --- 3. AV bundle --- 4. Rt and Lt branches of AV bundle --- 5. Purkinje fibersSAN
1. SAN --- 2. ______ --- 3. AV bundle --- 4. Rt and Lt branches of AV bundle --- 5. Purkinje fibersAV node
1. SAN --- 2. AV node --- 3. ________ --- 4. Rt and Lt branches of AV bundle --- 5. Purkinje fibersAV bundle
1. SAN --- 2. AV node --- 3. AV bundle --- 4. __________ --- 5. Purkinje fibersRt and Lt branches of AV bundle
1. SAN --- 2. AV node --- 3. AV bundle --- 4. Rt and Lt branches of AV bundle --- 5. ________purkinje fibers
The left vagus nerve splits off to supply the _____________ near the ___________.left recurrent laryngeal nerve, ligamentum arteriosus
The _______________ connects the ____ pulmonary artery to the _____ aorta.ligamentum arteriosus, left, descending aorta
During fetal life, the ligamentum arteriosus is the...ductus arteriosus
P --- QRS --- T ---- Which one is the *BOOP* ?QRS


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Question Answer
There are two cardiac plexuses --- ______ and ______superficial, deep
Lies on aortic arch between vagus and phrenic nerves...superficial cardiac plexus
Inferior branch of vagus + superior cervical cardiac branch of sympathetic ---> ________superficial cardiac plexus
Lies to the right of the ligamentum arteriosum, inferior and medial to the aortic archdeep cardiac plexus
Cervical cardiac nerves of vagus and sympathetic + branches from recurrent laryngeal nerves --> ____deep cardiac plexus
Sympathetic innervation is present throughout the atria and ventricles, ESPECIALLY in the ___ node: SA
Question Answer
Positive chronotropy?increase in heart rate
Positive dromotropy?conductive velocity
The sympathetic component is mediated through ___-adrenoreceptors.beta
Parasympathetic: the RIGHT vagus primarily innervates the ____node.SA
Parasympathetic: the LEFT vagus innervates the ___ node.AV
The ____ muscle is innervated by vagal efferents, BUT the ventricular myocardium is ONLY SPARSELY innervated by vagal efferents.atrial