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Herniated disc and chronic lower back pain can be exacerbated by tooth __________, releasing bacteria into the bloodstream, that nest in the damaged disc, causing infection, exaggerating the pain. brushing
A simple ___________ to fight gum disease infections could offer relief to some people with chronic lower back pain.antibiotic
In early fetal life, the vertical column curves are C-shaped (____ ___)concave forward
By 3 months old, the cervical vertical column is concave __________.backward
The cervical vertical column becomes concave backward at 3 months when the child starts to...lift their head up
Thoracic vertical column is concave ________.forward
By 9-12 months the lumbar vertical column is concave _________.backward
The lumbar vertical column becomes concave backward at 9-12 months when the child tries to...stand up and walk
Quasimodo is the _____________ of Notre Dame. (clinical term)kyphosis
Osteopororsis erosion of the ANTERIOR part of 1 or more vertebrae can result in ____. kyphosis
Excessive kyphosis increases the ant-post dimension of the thorax and leads to significant reduction in _______ ______ _______.dynamic pulmonary capacity
Erosion of anterior part of vertebrae... Increased anterior convexity in vertebrae....kyphosis, lordosis
Lordosis is often associated with weakened ____ musculature.trunk
_____: Increased lateral curvature and ___________ in thoracic region...scoliosis, rotation
Scoliosis can cause severe restriction of the ________.thorax
Scoliosis can reduce ____ expansion.lung
Most ribs articulate with the CORRESPONDING vertebra and the vertebra ______ (above or below?)above
Ribs _________, _________, and _________ ONLY articulate with their CORRESPONDING vertebra.1, 11, 12
The ______ vertebrae are the most weight bearing and LARGEST in size.lumbar
What do lumbar vertebrae LACK?articular facets (on the body) and transverse process
The sacrum is _________ fused segments. 5
The sacrum has ___ anterior and posterior sacral foramina.4
The sacral foramina provide passages for the ____ and ___ branches of the scral nerves.ventral, dorsal
The sacral hiatus is in the ______ (front/back) of the sacrum.back
What 3 things does the sacral hiatus provide exit to?S5, coccygeal nerve, filum terminal
The lower end of the pia matter is called the ___ ___.filum terminal


Joints or blunts?
Question Answer
Vertebral column has joints of the vertebral ___ and vertebral ___. The craniovertebral and costovertebral joints. And finally the sacro-iliac joints.bodies, arches
Joint between vertebral BODIES is ____ ____.intervertebral disc
Joint between ARTICULAR PROCESSES is _____ joint. (facet)zygapophyseal
Zygaopophyseal joint is a ____ ____ joint.synovial plane
Binds VERTEBRAL BODIES togetherintervertebral disc
Provides the SPINE with stability, while retaining axial stabilityintervertebral disc
Shock absorber, so that the spine can resist mechanical stress placed upon it.intervertebral disc
The center of the intervertebral disc is made of ____ ____.nucleus pulposis
The fibrocartilaginous rings around the intervertebral disc are made of _____ _____.annulus fibrosis
Annulus fibrosis protects against ____.herniation
The nucleus pulposis is ___% water.80
20% of the nucleus pulposis is solid --- 65% ___________ and 17% type _________ collagen.proteoglycans, 2
The nucleus pulposis is located more __________ (anteriorly, posteriorly)posteriorly (annulus fibrosis thicker and stronger in anterior)
The ligaments of the vertebral column are the ___ and ___ longitudinal, _____, _____ flavum, and the _____spinous and _____spinous.anterior, posterior, intertransverse, ligamentum, superaspinous, interspinous
A gymnastics bridge is also called a back ________.extension
Doing the bend part of the beeeend and SNAP would be back _____.flexion
Flexion, extension and lateral extension occur primarily in the ____ and ____ regions.cervical, lumbar
Rotation around a longitudinal axis occurs mainly at the ____ joints and in the ____ regions.craniovertebral, thoracic


Random shit?
Question Answer
Vertebrae are supplied by branches of the major ____ and ____ arteries and their ___ branches.cervical, segmental, spinal
The ____ and ___ ___ arteries supply the neck.vertebral, ascending cervical
Some major segmental arteries of the trunk are the ___ ___ arteries of the THORACIC region.posterior intercostal
Some major segmental arteries of the trunk are the ___ arteries in the ABDOMEN.lumbar
Some major segmental arteries of the trunk are the ____ and ____ ____ arteries in the PELVIS.medial and lateral sacral
There are ___ and ___ vertebral venous plexuses.internal, external
The internal and external vertebral venous plexuses communicate through the ____ ____ with the ___ veins in body wall.intervertebral foramina, segmental
There is unique communication between the vertebral venous plexuses in the ___, ___, ___ and ___ regions.neck, thoracic, abdominal, pelvis
The unique communication between the vertebral venous plexuses allows a route for ____ ____ to spread from the neck, thoracic, abdominal, pelvic regions.primary tumor (lung and prostate cancers get into the CNS and vertebral column)
The vertebral column is innervated by ____ ____ branches of the ____ nerves.recurrent meningeal, spinal
The zygopophysial joints are innervated by ____ branches of the ____ ____ of the spinal nerves.articular, posterior rami
Name 4 SUPERFICIAL, EXTRINSIC back muscles.trapezius, latismus dorsi, levator scapula, rhomboids (major and minor)
The latismus dorsi, levator scapula, and rhomboids are innervated by the ____ ___ of ____ nerves.ventral rami, cervical
The superficial, extrinsic back muscles connect the axial skeleton to the _____ ____.upper extremities (muscles control their movement)
Name 2 INTERMEDIATE, EXTRINSIC back muscles.serratus posterior superior and serratus posterior inferior
The SERRATUS POSTERIOR SUPERIOR is deep to the ______.rhomboids
The SERRATUS POSTERIOR INFERIOR is deep to the ____.latissmus
The serratus posterior superior and inferior muscles are superficial _____ muscles.respiratory
The serratus posterior superior and inferior muscles are designed to be ____ more than motor in function.proprioceptive
The serratus posterior superior and inferior muscles are both supplied by the ____ nerves.intercostal
The serratus posterior superior muscles are supplied by the upper _________ intercostal nerves and the serratus posterior inferior muscles are supplied by the lower _________ intercostal nerves.4, 4
Name 1 SUPERFICIAL, INTRINSIC back muscle.splenius muscle (two parts -- capitis and cervicis)
Name 3 INTERMEDIATE, INTRINSIC back muscles.spinalis, longismus, iliocostalis (erector spinae)
Name 3 parts of the spinalis.thoracis, cervicis, capitis
Name 3 parts of the longissmusthoracis, cervicis, capitis
Name 3 parts of the iliocostalisthoracis, cervicis, lumborum
Name 5 DEEP, INTRINSIC back muscles.semispinalis, multifidus, interspinalis, intertransveri, and rotators
The intrinsic back muscles are innervated by the ____ ____ of ___ nerves.posterior rami of spinal nerves
Which back muscles maintain posture and controls movements of the vertebral column?intrinsic back muscles
The intrinsic back muscles are enclosed by ____ ____.deep fascia
The thoracolumbar fascia constitutes the ____ and ____ parts of the deep fascia.thoracic, lumbar
Name 2 DEEP, INTRINSIC back associated muscles.psoas and quadratus lumborum


Actually Interesting Shit
Question Answer
Where does herniation of the nucleus pulposus normally extend?posterolaterally (annulus fibrosus thin there, no support from posterior or anterior longitudinal ligaments)
Herniation of the nucleus pulposus normally causes...lower back pain
Why is a posterolateral herniated disc more likely to be symptomatic?proximity to spinal nerve roots
A herniated disc presses on the spinal nerve _____ (above/below) it?below (herniation of L4/L5 disc will compress L5)
Myofacial muscle spasms, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis can all produce what?lower back pain
Osteoarthritis erodes of ______ cartilages of weight bearing joints.articular
Chronic inflammation of the spines and sacroiliac joints, or it could be genetic, or associated with uveitis and urtheritis is called...ankylosing spondylitis
Pain in the lower back and hip radiating down the back of the thigh into the leg...sciatica
Sciatica is most often caused by a herniated IV disc in the ____ region.lumbar
In sciatica, the herniated lumbar IV disc compresses the ___ or ___ component of the sciatic nerve.L5 or S1
T/F: Many people who have a herniated disc are not aware of it because they have no symptoms of leg or back pain.T
A ____ ____ herniated disc causes pain or numbness that may be in shoulders, arms, or chest.cervical prolapse
A ___ ___ ___ herniated disc causes sciata, leg pain, and other nerve symptoms like weakness or numbness in a leg.lower back prolapse
A ____ ___ ___ herniated disc causes weakness in both legs and loss of bladder and/or bowel control.cauda equina syndrome (needs immediate medical help)
A positive straight leg test is when patient reports pain at ___ degrees hip flexion or less.40
The patient extends the neck, rotates, and laterally bends toward symptomatic side; and axial compression force is then applied through the top of the head...Spurling's test
A positive Spurling's test elicits _____ ____ pain.radicular arm
Take an ____ to diagnose a herniated disc.MRI
Most herniated discs heal on their own. It takes _________-__months.1-6 months
The healing process of a herniated disc is called ___.resorption
T/F: Less than 10% of people need surgery for a herniated disc.T
A neural tube defect and failure of union of the laminae/spine during the first month of pregnancy.spina bifida
Spina bifida causes ___ and ___ complications. Many children also have _____. Nerve damage is permanent and results in various degrees of LL paralysis.bladder and bowel, hydrocephalus
Some split in vertebrae. Spinal cord does not protrude. Skin may be normal, dimpled, or have some hair growing.spina bifida occulta
Herniation of only the meningeal covering with CSF. Covered by skin. No other symptoms.spina bifida meningeocele
Part of the spinal nerves push out of the spinal canal and are often damaged. Might see a bulge in skin. Sometimes the skin is open and nerves are exposed.spina bifida meningeomyelocele

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