System Quality Measures

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Question Answer
AvailabilityThe degree to which a system is accessible. The term 24×7 describes total availability. This aspect of a system is often coupled with performance
ReliabilityThe ability to ensure the integrity and consistency of an application and its transactions.
ManageabilityThe ability to administer and thereby manage the system resources to ensure the availability and performance of a system with respect to the other capabilities.
Flexibility The ability to address architectural and hardware configuration changes without a great deal of impact to the underlying system.
Performance The ability to carry out functionality in a time frame that meets specified goals.
CapacityThe ability of a system to run multiple tasks per unit of time.
Scalability The ability to support the required availability and performance as transactional load increases.
Extensibility The ability to extend functionality.
Validityhe ability to predict and confirm results based on a specified input or user gesture.
Reusability The ability to use a component in more than one context without changing its internals.
Security The ability to ensure that information is not accessed and modified unless done so in accordance with the enterprise policy.