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pyramidal space, situated between the upper lateral part of the chest and themedial side of the arm.Axila
Anterior boundary of AxilaPectorals major m. (Anterior Axillary fold)
Posterior boundary of AxilaSubscapularis m. & Latissimus dorsi m. (Posterior axillary fold)
Lateral boundary of AxilaCoracobrachialis m. & Biceps brachii (short head) m. (Intertubercular sulcus)
Medial boundary of AxilaSerratus anterior m.
Apex of Axillary fossa is bounded by _____Clavicle & Scapula
What structures pass through APEX of Axillary fossa?Axillary vessels and nerves
anterior axillary fold is formed by what muscle?Pectoralis major
posterior axillary fold is formed by the tendons of ____ ____ and the ___ ___ muscleLatissimus dorsi (tendons) & Teres major (muscle)
Medial wall of Axillary fossa is formed by which ribs?upper 4 or 5 ribs
strong sheet of connective tissue that Splits above to enclose the Subclavius muscle (and is attached to the clavicle) and Below to enclose the Pectoralis minor muscleClavipectoral Fascia
Clavipectoral fascia splits above to enclose what muscle?Subclavius
Clavipectoral fascia splits below to enclose what muscle?Pectoralis minor


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4 Contents of Axillary fossaAxillary Vein, Axillary Artery, Brachial Plexus & Lymph nodes
continuation of subclavian arteryAxillary artery
delineation between Subclavian art and Axillary art.lateral border of the 1st rib
Axillary artery is divided into 3 "parts" by what structure?Pectoralis minor
How many branches are there from the 1st part of Axillary artery? name themOne (from 1st); Highest Thoracic artery
How many branches are there from the 2nd part of Axillary artery? name themTwo (from 2nd); Lateral Thoracic artery & Thoracoacromial artery (or trunk)
How many branches are there from the 3rd part of Axillary artery? name themThree (from 3rd); Subscapular, Posterior Humeral Circumflex & Anterior Humeral Circumflex arteries
What are the branches from the Thoracoacromial artery (or trunk)?(4 of them... APCD) Acromial, Pectoral, Clavicular, & Deltoid arteries
The scapular anastomosis is a system connecting what 3 major arterial supplies?(1) 1st part of subclavian artery (2) 3rd part of axillary artery & (3) Descending thoracic aorta
What artery delivers blood to the Scapular anastomosis from the 1st part of Subclavian art?Suprascapular art.
What arteries deliver blood to the Scapular anastomosis from the 3rd part of Axillary art?Ant. & Post. Humeral Circumflex arteries & Subscapular artery (all 3)
What arteries deliver blood to the Scapular anastomosis from the Descending Thoracic Aorta?Posterior intercostal arteries
____ vein Is formed by the brachial vein and the basilic veinAxillary vein
____ vein is a continuation of the brachial vein that originates at the inf. margin of the Teres major muscleAxillary vein
At its terminal part, the Axillary vein is joined by the ____ veinCephalic v.
At its terminal part the _____ vein is joined by the Cephalic veinAxillary v.
Delineation landmark between Axillary vein and Subclavian veinLateral margin of 1st rib
Tributaries of Axillary veinBrachial vein (continuation of), Cephalic vein, subscapular vein, circumflex humeral vein, lateral thoracic vein and thoraco‐acromial vein.
Brachial plexus is composed of the ____ rami of C5-T1Ventral rami

arterial supply

Question Answer
Serratus Anterior muscleLateral Thoracic art (off 2nd part Axillary art)

cords to nerves

Question Answer
Lateral Cord gives off what 3 Nerves• Branch of median nerve, • Lateral pectoral nerve, &• Musculocutaneous nerve
Medial Cord gives off what 5 nerves?• Branch of median nerve, • Medial pectoral nerve (MP), • Ulnar nerve, • Medial cutaneous of the arm (MBC), • Medial cutaneous of the forearm (MBAC)
Posterior cord fives off what 5 nerves?• Axillary, • Radial, • Upper sub scapular, • Lower sub scapular, & • Thoracodorsal
Long Thoracic from what rami?C‐5, C‐6 and C‐7rami
Dorsal Scapular from what ramus?C-5 ramus
cords of brachial plexus are named for their position relative to which artery?Axillary

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