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Everyone looks forward to life lessons learned in another Sharawy lecture

this lecture had little to no real info: I've put what I could below and supplemented with OT
Question Answer
Who is the worst?you are (or "I am" if you prefer to study aloud)
Who is the best?Dr. Sharawy, but also dental students from his day... and yeah... medical students from his day were better than dentists, really
______ Anatomy is the projection of underlying anatomic structures upon the surface of the bodyTopographic
Vertebra Promina is the spine (Not bifid) of which Vertebra?C7
Sternal Angle is the site of the ___ rib2nd rib
____ view radiographs used to visualize the Para nasal sinusesWater's view
Injection of radiopaque dye into the parotid ductSialogram
The second costal cartilage can be located by palpating theSternal Angle
During fetal development the blood is shunted from right to left Atria viaForamen Ovale
After being involved in a car accident a 45 year old lady came to emergency room wtth symptoms suggesting myocardiac contusion. Her sternum compressed sternocostal surface of heart. Which Heart chamber was most likely damaged? Right Ventricle
Chylothorax is a surgical complication because of injury to which to what structure?Thoracic duct
Imaging of the TMJ ligaments and its discs is best done by what technique?MRI
To visualize a perforation in the TMJ disc, one can use what two techniques?Arthography & MRI
Patients complains of painful Parotid gland when he eats... what imaging technique would be best to diagnose?Sialogram (salivary ducts injected w/ radiopaque material)
What imaging technique is used to study the patency of the carotid arteries?Angiography
A bullet entered the anterior midline and went straight posteriorly (as in without ascending or descending from that level) to lodge in the body of the 4th Thoracic vertebra. What boundary structure of the mediastinum was penetrated anteriorly?Sternal Angle ((angle of Lewis((
Imaging of brain and spinal cord is best done usingMRI
2nd Costal Cartilage can be located by palpating theSternal Angle
The bilaminar zones of the TMJ appears in MRI images because it is highly ____VASCULAR
The TMJ discal ligaments will appear _____ in MRI imagesWhite
The normal TMJ disc appears _____ in MRI images.Black
Diagnosis of obstruction of lung bronchial tree is easily done byPulmogram
Imaging of lymphatic vessels is done by injecting radiopaque dye where?Thoracic Duct at ROOT OF NECK
This relatively simple and inexpensive form of imaging is particularly useful in visualizing carotid artery calcification.Panoramic (ceph-pan... this is b/c calcification would show up on X-ray)
Why are males more likely to present with an inguinal hernia?a. Because the testes pass through this area during development in males
most prominent spine in neck region belongs to which vertebra?C7

too long

Cone beam CT (CBCT)
a. Provide cross sectional images of the head with less resolution
than CT
b. Cost effective as compared to CT
c. Expose the patient to less radiation than CT
d. a & b
e***. All of the above***


Imaging of the intestine can be done by one or more of the
following techniques:
a. MRI
b. Barium enema
c. Barium meal
d. a & b
e*****. a, b, & c****

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