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Liver & Pancreas

Question Answer
What separates the Lung & LiverDiaphragm
What is the largest internal organ?Liver
Normal Liver is deep to Rt ribs ___ through ___7-11
The liver secretes ____ and stores ____Bile; Glycogen
Every substance absorbed by alimentary tract is received first by liver except for ____Lipids
Anterior, superior and part of posterior surfaces of liver are called _____ surfaces because of what they contactDiaphragmatic
Inferior surfaces of liver are called _____ surfaces because of what they contactVisceral (stomach, duodenum, T. colon, right kidney and hepatic flexure)
Liver divided into Right and left ANATOMICAL lobes by what 3 ligaments?Falciform Ligament, Ligamentum Teres and Ligamentum Venosus
Rt lobe has caudate lobe posteriorly between lig. Venosum and ____ ____ ___ and quadrate lobe inferiorly between lig. Teres and ___ ____Inferior Vena Cava; Gall Bladder
The Hilum of the Liver is known as ___ ___Porta Hepatis
Which Ligament of the Liver runs along the Anterior & Superior surfaces?Falciform Ligament
Which Ligament of the Liver runs along the Posterior Surface?Ligamentum Venous
Which Ligament of the Liver runs along the Inferior Surface?Ligamentum Teres
What lobe is between Inferior Vena Cava and Ligamentum Venosum?Caudate (tail)
What lobe is between Ligamentum Teres & GallbladderQuadrate Lobe
What are 3 major vessels of Umbilical Cord connected to Placenta?1 Umbilical Vein, 2 Umbilical Arteries
T/F: The Umbilical Vein carries oxygenated bloodTrue
T/F: The Umbilical Vein carries de-oxygenated bloodFalse
Ductus Venosus (fetal) becomes ___ ___Ligamentum Venous
Umbilical Vein (fetal) becomes ___ ___Ligamentum Teres
The Umbilical Arteries (fetal) become ___ ____ ___Lateral Umbilical Ligaments
Ductus Arteriosus (fetal) becomes ___ ____Ligamentum Arteriosus
Porta Hepatis is between ____ and ____ lobeCaudate & Quadrate
Porta Hepatis gives passage to...2 branches Portal vein, Hepatic Ducts (R & L), Hepatic arteries (R & L)
Liver is completely covered by peritoneum except for small triangular area on the ____ surface of ____ lobe and porta hepatisPost.; Right
3 Peritoneal folds of liver(1) Falciform lig. (2) Lesser Omentum (3)Triangular ligaments
Potential space for infection (enfolding of peritoneum) called ____ pouch... between liver and ____Hepato-Renal pouch; R. Kidney
What are contents of hepatoduodenal ligament?Hepatic Artery proper, Portal vein, Common Bile Duct
The Hepatoduodenal ligament is part of the ___ omentumLesser Momentum
The ____ foramen runs between the IVC and the Hepato-Duodenal ligamentEpiploic
The ____ ____ accounts for 75-80% of the blood coming to the liver... and is for filtration not oxygen supplyPortal Vein
The ____ ____ accounts for 20-25% of the blood coming to the liver and is for oxygen supply of liverHepatic Artery
The ____ ____ drain the liver to the IVCHepatic Veins
The 3 Hepatic Veins, ____ ____ & ____, drain the liver to the ___ ___ ___Right, Intermediate & Left; Inferior Vena Cava
Sympathetic supply to liverHepatic Plexus from Celiac Plexus
Parasympathetic supply to liverVagus
FAILURE, LOSS OR REMOVAL OF ONE SEGMENT DOES NOT AFFECT OTHER parts of liver or portal triad b/c of the _____ distribution of the portal triadSegmental (branching)
Biggest difference between Anatomical and Functional (aka surgical) liver lobesWhat lobe Caudate and Quadrate are considered to be a part of
Anatomically, the Caudate and Quadrate Lobes are grouped into the ____ LobeRight
Functionally (aka surgically), the Caudate and Quadrate Lobes are grouped into the ____ LobeLeft (blood supply)
2 ducts coming from right left ((rt and left hepatic duct) join cystic duct to form the ____ ____ ___ common bile duct
Duodenal mucosa releases ______ which causes gallbladder contractionCholecystokinin
Bile is concentrated in the Gall Bladder by absorbing fluid into _____veins
The _____ Stores and concentrates bileGallbladder
From neck of Gall Bladder, the _____ duct comes out to join common hepatic duct to form CBDCystic
Gall Bladder Fundus projects below the inferior border of liver at ___ Costal Cartilage9th
Gallbladder is Supplied by ____ artery a branch of ____ _____ arteryCystic; Right Hepatic
Gallbladder sensation is carried by _____ nervePhrenic
Gallbladder pain refers to _____ because of common spinal level w/ Phrenic nerve of C ___ through ____Shoulder; C3-5
Right and left hepatic ducts join each other forming what?Common Hepatic Duct
Common Bile Duct is formed by the meeting of what two ducts?Common Hepatic & Cystic Duct
CBD joins main pancreatic duct forming ____ _____Hepato-Pancreatic Ampulla
Gallbladder is drained by the ____ vein which drains into the ____ veinCystic vein; Portal vein (not Hepatic)
Why Cholecystitis pain refers to right shoulder?because innervated by Phrenic, which is sourced (partially) by cervical 3, 4 & 5
Pancreas secretes digestive enzymes in _____ formPro-enzyme form
Pancreatic enzymes become activated where?in Lumen of Small Intestine
In Islets of Langerhans, Alpha cells secrete what?Glucagon
In Islets of Langerhans, Beta cells secrete what?Insulin
In Islets of Langerhans, D cells secrete what?Somatostatin
What Pancreatic hormone inhibits release of other islets cells hormonesSomatostatin (D cells)
The Pancrea is Retroperitoneal except for its ____ is enclosed in lienorenal (splenorenal) ligament with splenic vesselstail
The Splenic artery runs through what ligament?Splenorenal
Branches of the Splenic artery travel to stomach via ______ ligamentGastrosplenic ligament
What 2 branches of the Splenic artery travel to stomach? They travel by what ligament?Short Gastric & Left Gastric Epiploic; Splenorenal ligament
superior pancreaticoduodenal artery comes from ____ branch of ____ artery from ____ ___Gastroduodenal; Hepatic; Celiac Trunk
inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery comes from what artery?Superior Mesenteric Artery
Venous drainage of PANCREAS goes into ____vein through _____and ____ veinPortal Vein; via Pancreatico-duodenal & Splenic veins
Exocrine function of Pancreas produces ____ & _____Lipase and amylase
Biggest Lymphatic Tissue in bodySpleen
Splenic vein joins superior mesentric vein to from what vein?Portal Vein
Portal vein is formed by the meeting of what two veins?Superior Mesentery & Splenic
Inferior mesentric vein receives tributaries corresponding to the branches of inferior mesentric artery. It ends into ____ veinSplenic vein
Upper half of Anal canal drained by what vein?Inferior Mesenteric vein (then Splenic then Portal)
Lower half of Anal canal blood drained to Inferior Mesenteric vein?No (instead goes systemic)

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