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urogenital system

Question Answer
Testicles develop in the ____ cavity and so get their blood supply from ____Abdominal cavity; Aorta (source)
What muscle separates abdominal and pelvic cavities (organs)Levator Ani
The external sphincter of the GI tract is what muscle?Levator Ani
The Urinary bladder, Prostate, Uterus/cervix and most Posterior part of Rectum are found in the ____ cavityPelvic cavity
Anterior border of Pelvic CavityPubic Symphysis
Lateral borders of Pelvic Cavityhip bones
Posterior border of Pelvic CavitySacrum
Most posterior organ in abdominal cavityKidneys
Vertebral level of kidneys' location in Retroperitoneal spaceT12-L3
The ____ kidney is slightly higher than the ___ kidneyLeft; Right
The superior portions of the kidneys are protected by the ___th and ___th ribs11th & 12th
What are the contents of the Splenorenal Ligament?Splenic Artery & Vein, & Tail of Pancreas
What anatomical feature of kidney surroundings allow for development of "floating kidney"Fibrous Renal Fascia is deficient below the kidney
Which kidney is joined to the spleen?Left Kidney (by Lienorenal/Splenorenal Ligament)
The kidney's the portal of entry for nerves, and blood and lymph vesselsHilum
In the kidney, the upper part of the ureter expands, forming the Renal ____. this has Three major ____Pelvis; Calyces
Renal Cortex consists mainly of what 3 type of structuresRenal Corpuscles, Proximal Collecting Tubules and Distal Collecting Tubules
Arterial supply to the kidney is the _____ artery, a branch off of the ____ ____Renal; Abdominal Aorta
Is Renal Artery's blood supply functional, nutritional or both?Both (unlike liver or lungs)
Which Renal Vein is longer and why?L Renal Vein is longer (b/c IVC is on R side of body)
Which Renal Artery is longer and why?R Renal Artery is longer (b/c Abd. Aorta is on left side of body)
____ is formed by filtration of plasma in the nephronUrine
Muscular drain for urine from the kidney to the urinary bladderUreter
The Ureter is half in ____ and half in the ____abdomen; pelvis
The renal pelvis is funnel shaped. It narrows into the thick-walled ureter, which milks down the urine by ____ actionPeristaltic
At the pelvic inlet, the Ureters pass anterior to the ____ ____ arteriesCommon Iliac
arterial blood supply of urinary bladderVesicular artery
art. blood supply of proximal 3rd UreterRenal Artery
Art. blood supply of middle 3rd of UreterGonadal (Testicular or Ovarian)
Art. blood supply of distal 3rd of UreterVesicular artery
Maximum capacity of Urinary Bladder500cc
Evacuation of the bladder is done via _____ innervationParasympathetic
triangule between 3 openingsTrigone
What type of epithelium lines the bladder?Transitional epithelium
There are ___ layers of musculosa in the urinary bladder?4
Filling the bladder stimulates an involuntary _____ reflexparasympathetic
When full, voiding the bladder is automatic and only prevented by the ____ ____ ____Internal Urethral Sphincter
Main muscle to control voiding of urine? controlled by what type innervation?Internal Urethral Sphincter; Parasympathetic
The _____ Urethral sphincter is Voluntary and _____ muscleExternal; Skeletal
The external urethral sphincter is supplied by what innervation?Pudendal N. (S2-S4)
The Renal ____ Is an endocrine gland, the Renal ____ is a sympathetic ganglionCortex; Medulla
______ & _____ are produced by adRenal MedullaEpinephrine & Norepinephrine
Middle Suprarenal branches from the _____ _____Abdominal Aorta
Inferior Suprarenal branches from the _____ _____Renal arteries
Superior Suprarenal branches from the _____ _____Phrenic Arteries

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Question Answer
Testes synthesize sperms and secrete_____ and _______testosterone; Di-hydro-testosterone
Sperms are manufactured in the _____testes
Immature sperms undergo maturation in the_____ for several daysEpididymis
When ejaculation occurs, sperm is forcefully expelled from the tail of the ____ into the ___ ____Epididymis; Vas Deferens
Sperm then travels through the vas deferens and up the spermatic cord, over the ureter until it joins the _____ vesicle to form the ______ duct, which passes through the prostate and empties into the urethraSeminal; Ejaculatory
Specifically, sperms are manufactured in tortuous tubules called the _____ _____Semeniferous Tubules
Tubules are surrounded by ____ cells that produce androgensLeydig
Thick CT capsule around testesTunica Albuginea
The apex of each loop (Semeniferous Tubule) leads to a straight “stem” called ____ ____Tubuli Recti
The tubuli recti leads to a network of tiny channels called ___ ____Rete Testis
Rete Testis ultimately drain into 10 – 20 ____ _____ at the top of the epididymisEfferent Ductules
Between the 7th and the 12th week the ______ shortens and pulls the testes, the deferent duct and its vessels downwardsGubernaculum
Between the ___ and the ___ week the gubernaculum shortens and pulls the testes, the deferent duct and its vessels downwards7th, 12th
Between the 3rd and 7th month the testes stay in the area of the ____ ____Inguinal Canal
Testes are formed in the _____abdomen
The Ejaculatory ducts join the urethra where?in prostate
***Right testicular vein drains into what?Inferior Vena Cava
***Left testicular vein drains into what?Left Renal Vein
Cremasteric fascia arises from what?Internal Oblique muscle
Internal spermatic fascia arises from what?Transversalis fascia
External spermatic fascia arises from the aponeurosis what?external oblique muscle
Varicoceles most common in which side of testicles/scrotum?Left
Why are Varicoceles more common on one side of testicles/scrotum?Left side drains into Renal vein which isn't as good at draining as IVC (right) Also Colon on Left builds pressure
Urinary symptom of prostate enlargementRetention
Urethra Contains mucus-secreting glands of ____ in the lamina propriaLittre
Urethra is Lined by transitional epithelium in _____ portionprostatic portion
Prostatic portion of urethra is lined by what type epithelium?Transitional
Blood supply of the penisInternal iliac artery --> Internal pudendal artery--> penis
Penis is Three cylinders of erectile tissue. Two dorsal ____ ______ and one ventral ____ _____Corpus Cavernosum; Corpus Spongiosum
Veins of the penis drain into the ___ ____ vein then back into the ____ ____ veinInternal Pudendal; Internal Iliac
_____ stimulation of the epididymis leads to EjaculationSympathetic
Sympathetic stimulation of the _____ leads to ejaculationEpididymis
_____ innervation through the _____ Plexus leads to penile arousal (boner time)Parasympathetic; Hypogastric

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Question Answer
Angle of Body of Uterus relative to Vagina?120 degrees
Angle of Cervix relative to Vagina?90 degrees
Anteflexion refers to the position of what to the vagina?Body of Uterus (120 deg)
Anteversion refers to the position of what to the vagina?Cervix
Endometrium (mucosa). is ____ _____ epithelium and lamina propria that contains tubular glandsSimple Columnar
The peritoneum covers the ____ _____ & ____ surfaces of the uterusSuperior, Anterior, & Posterior
The peritoneum folds over the ovarian tubes forming ____ _____ that anchor the tubes to the lateral walls and floor of the pelvisBroad Ligaments
The ____ ligament runs from the outer body of the uterus down through the to the inner aspect of the labium majusRound
The ___ ligament corresponds to the spermatic cord in malesRound
The Ovaries are suspended by ______Mesovarium
Egg Ovulated first into ____ cavity and not right into the fallopian tubePeritoneal
lateral funnel-shaped openings of the fallopian tubesInfundibulum
Uterine Artery is sourced by what artery?Internal Iliac
Ovarian artery is sourced by what artery?Abdominal Aorta
Uterine veins drain into ____ ___ veinInternal Iliac
right ovarian vein drains to what vein? IVC
Left ovarian vein drains to what?left renal vein
The Pelvic Diaphragm is made up of what two muscles?Levator Ani & Coccygeus (which is made up of 3 muscles)
What 3 muscles make up Coccygeus?pubo-rectalis, ilio-cocygeus, pubo-cocygeus
What 2 muscles comprise the Urogenital DiaphragmDeep Transverse Perineal, Sphincter Urethrae
4 Sphincters and erectile muscles of the urogenital and intestinal tractExternal anal sphincter, Bulbospongiosus, Ischiocavernosus, Superficial transverse perineal
Superficial perineal layer and deep urogenital diaphragm layer: innervationPudendal N.
Pelvic diaphragm: innervationSacral Nerve roots S3-S5
Damage to sacral nerve roots ____ to ____ would lead to incontinence because they supply the _____ diaphragmS3-S5; Pelvic

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Anteflexion of the uterus is:
a. A bend befween the fundus and the isthmus
b. A bend befween the fundus and the long axis of the vagina
c. A bend between the isthmus and the long axis of the vagina
d. The whole uterus and the and the long axis of the vagina


Answer: A


Question Answer
Why are males more likely to present with an inguinal hernia?a. Because the testes pass through this area during development in males
in females, pouch between uterus and rectum is called what?Pouch of Douglas & Recto-uterine Pouch (answer was E. A & C are correct)
Ante flexion of the uterus is a bend between the ___ & ____fundus & Isthmus
Parasympathetic nerve supply to the urogenital system comes from is vagal, sacral, or both?Sacral only
Round Ligaments connect ___ to ____Uterus to Pelvic wall
In the male, the pouch between the bladder and the rectum is calledVesicorectal Pouch (pouch of douglas too, maybe)
The ovarian or testicular arteries are branches of theAorta
T/F: Epididymis is part of Spermatic cordFalse, part of testes
The Uterus is located between the ___ & ____Bladder & Rectum
Cul de Sac is a peritoneal pouch located between which of the following structures?Uterus and Rectum
Varicocele can affect what organ?Testis
Injury to Pelvic Splanchnic nerves (Parasympathetic) will diminish "feed and assimilate" function of what sphincter?Anal sphincter
Which of the Gonadal veins does NOT drain into IVC?Left Gonadal Vein does not
Normal position of uterus allows external Os of cervix to face ____ and this position is called ____Posterior wall of vagina, Anteflexion/anteversion