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___ branches of the Abdominal aorta are the main arterial supplyVentral
3 Ventral branches of the Abdominal AortaCeliac Trunk, S. Mesentery artery, & Inferior Mesenteric artery
5 Lateral branches of the Abdominal Aorta1- Inferior phrenic, 2- Middle suprarenal, 3- Renal, 4- Gonadal & 5- Common iliac
The dorsal branches of Abdominal Aorta are 4 pairs of ___ arteries & ____ ____ arteryLumbar arteries; Median Sacral arteries
The Celiac trunk provides arterial supply to the ___-gutForegut
The Superior Mesentery artery provides arterial supply to the ____-gutMidgut
The Inferior Mesentery artery provides arterial supply to the ___-gutHindgut
Origin of the Celiac Trunkabdominal aorta at the upper border of L1
Celiac Trunk origin is the _____ ____ at the upper border of ____ (level) Abdominal Aorta; L1
3 major branches of the Celiac TrunkLeft Gastric, Hepatic and Splenic Arteries
The Left Gastric artery is a branch off the ____ ___ while the Right Gastric artery is a branch off the ____ ____Celiac Trunk; Hepatic Artery (branch off celiac trunk)
____ artery Runs behind the stomach over the upper border of pancreasSplenic
____ artery Enters the hilum of spleen between the 2 layers of splenorenal ligamentSplenic artery
branches of Splenic arteryPancreatic branches, Short Gastric artery, Left Gastroepiploic artery, & 5 terminal splenic branches
Gastrosplenic ligament runs between ____ & ____stomach and spleen
_____ artery Runs in free border of lesser omentum (hepatoduodenal ligament) with CBD to its right side and portal vein behindHepatic artery
Branches of Hepatic arteryRight gastric, Gastroduodenal a., Supraduodenal a., & R. and L. terminal Hepatic arteries
The Gastroduodenal artery divides into Right ___ artery & the superior _____ arteryRight Gastro-Epiploic & Superior Pancreatico-duodenal artery
The Left Gastric artery comes off of the ___ ___ and gives off ____ (supplying lower esophagus) and ____ (supplying stomach)Celiac Trunk; Esophageal; Gastric
Right Gastric Artery anastomoses with what artery?Left Gastric Artery
The Gastroduodenal is a branch of the ____ arteryHepatic
Branch of the Superior Mesenteric artery that supplies lower ½ of duodenum and head of pancreasInferior pancreaticoduodenal
2 branches of the Superior Mesenteric artery that supplies the small intestineJejunal & Ileal arteries
Branch of the Superior Mesenteric Artery supplies lower 1/3 of ascending colon, cecum, appendix and terminal part of ileumIleocolic artery
Branch of Superior Mesenteric artery that gives ascending and descending branches that anastomose with middle colic and iliocolic.Right Colic artery
Branch of Superior Mesenteric artery that Supplies upper 2/3 of ascending colonRight Colic artery
Branch of Superior Mesenteric artery that Supplies right 2/3 of t. colon and right colic flexureMiddle Colic artery
_____l artery formed by the anastomoses between all colic branches of SMA and IMA at the inner margin of colon and send straight branches (vasa recta) to colonMarginal Artery
____ ____ artery whose origin is Abdominal aorta at level of L3 behind 3rd part of duodenumInferior Mesenteric artery
3 branches of IMALeft Colic a. , Segmoid branches (2-3 branches), & Superior Rectal artery
Superior Mesenteric Vein drains the ___-gut and ends by joining ____ vein to form the ____ veinMIDgut; Splenic v., Portal V.
Lower ½ of anal canal drains into ____ veinsSystemic
Inferior Mesenteric Vein drains the Hindgut except for what area?Lower 1/2 of Anal Canal
Inferior Mesenteric Vein drains into the _____ veinSplenic
Portal Vein is formed by the meeting of the ____ vein and the ___ vein behind the _____Splenic v., S. Mesenteric v.; Pancreas (neck)
The Portal vein terminates into ___ ___ by dividing into 2 branchesPorta Hepatis
Main 2 tributaries of the Portal VeinS. Mesenteric vein & Splenic vein
_____ vein drains spleen, pancreas and digestive system from lower part of esophagus up to the upper part of anal canalPortal vein
5 sites of Portosystemic Anastomoses(lower) Esophagus, Anal canal, Abdominal wall (around Umbilicus), Abdominal wall (around colon), Liver
2 main sites of Portosystemic AnastomosesEsophagus & Anal Canal
Portosystemic anastomoses to IVC mainly through ____ ___Anal Canal
Portosystemic anastomoses to SVC mainly though ____ ____lower Esophagus
Portal Vein pressure > 10 mmHG is called ____ ____Portal Hypertension
2 common causes of Liver CirrhosisAlcoholism & Hepatitis
Portal Hypertension creates systemic problems b/c ____ don't get filtered out before blood returns to systemic circulationToxins
Term that means vomiting bloodHematemesis
condition caused by Portal Hypertension that leads to bleeding from the rectumPiles
Tortuous veins around Umbilicus is referred to asCaput Medusa
Dilatation of Portal Vein Tributaries due to Portal Hypertension manifests with what 3 signs?Hematemesis, Piles, & Caput Medusa
Hematemesis, Piles & Caput Medusa are all signs of ____ ____Portal Hypertension
7 Tributaries of the IVC1) Common Iliac v. 2) Right Gonadal V. 3) Renal V. 4) Suprarenal V. 5) Hepatic V. (not Portal) 6) Inferior Phrenic V. 7) Lumbar V.
Mnemonic for the tributaries of IVCSHIP LTR or... I Really Like To Pee So Hard (Iliac, Renal, Lumbar, Testicular, Phrenic, Suprarenal, Hepatic)
"I Really Like To Pee So Hard" is a mnemonic for what?Tributaries of IVC (Iliac, Renal, Lumbar, Testicular, Phrenic, Suprarenal, Hepatic)
Lymphatic drainage of Midgutceliac trunk lymph nodes (?) --> Cistern Chyli --> Thoracic Duct (?)
Lymphatic drainage of HindgutS. Mesenteric lymph nodes (?) -->Cistern Chyli --> Thoracic Duct (?)
Lymphatic drainage of ForegutI. Mesenteric Lymph nodes (?) --> Cistern Chyli --> Thoracic Duct
The ______ autonomic division typically stimulates digestionParasympathetic
The ______ autonomic division typically inhibits digestionSympathetic
Greater Splanchnic nerve comes from spinal segments ___ to ____ and runs to the ____ plexusT5-T9; Celiac plexus
Lesser splanchnic nerve comes from spinal segments ___ to ____ and runs to ____, _____ ____ and _____ plexusesT10-T11; Celiac, S. Mesenteric & Aortico-Renal plexuses
Least splanchnic nerve comes from what spinal level? and runs to ____ ____ and ______ plexusesT12; S. Mesenteric & Aortico-Renal plexuses
What Splanchnic nerve carries Parasympathetic innervation? from what spinal levels?Pelvic Splanchnic; S2-S4
Occlusion of the I. Mesenteric Art. is seldom symptomatic b/c its territory is also supplied by branches of theMiddle Colic
Which of the following organs are crossed by the Transpyloric plane?: Gallbladder, Duodenal Bulb, PancreasAll of the above
Right Shoulder pain and abdominal pain in the Upper Right quadrant likely cause is ____Cholecystitis
Which nerve is responsible for referring pain from CholecystitsPhrenic N.
Arterial Supply of Gallbladder is _____ artery, its vein drains into ____ veinHepatic Artery; Portal Vein
Branches of what nerve can be cut to block gastric secretion?Vagus
What is the source of Hematemesis?Esophagus (throwing up blood)
Major sites for Porto-systemic anastomosesEsophagus, Anal Canal
Caput Medusa occurs because of increased pressure in what veins?Paraumbilical
What fetal structure transmits blood from portal vein to inferior vena cava in fetus?Ductus Venosus
What organ is a primary target for metastasis from pancreas (think spread via veins)Liver
Injury to the splanchnic nerves (greater, lesser, least) will diminish Fight or Flight in the ____ sphincterPyloric
Direction of flow through liver to IVCPortal --> Liver --> Hepatic v. --> IVC
Common bile duct is joined by the ____ and then opens into the GI tract ar the ___ papillaMain Pancreatic duct; Major papilla
Caval opening of diaphragm is located at what vertebral level? ... what nerve passes through?T8; Phrenic
What cells of glands is important for bringing pH to optimum for the action of pancreatic enzymes?Brunner's glands (submucosal, duodenal)
Marginal artery provides collateral circulation between which arteries?SMA & IMA
Occlusion of the inferior mesenteric artery and distal end of marginal artery will primarily affect the ____ ____Descending Colon
Which organ is attached to the tail of the pancreas by the Lienorenal ligament?Spleen
Left Gastric artery is a prominent branch of what artery?Celiac Trunk
What two veins combine to form the portal vein?Splenic & Superior Mesenteric
As a general rule... what veins in abdomen do not drain into portal system?Hepatic veins
sympathetic nerve fibers that go to stomach end in the ____ gangliaCeliac
What quadrant of the abdomen is the Spleen located in?Upper Left
the abdominal aorta terminates into R & L Iliac arteries at what vertebral level?L4
which diaphragmatic opening transmits thoracic duct & greater splanchnic nerves?Aortic opening
Phrenic arteries are direct branches ofAorta
T/F: ANTERIOR intercostals are a direct branch off the AortaFalse
From what spinal cord segments do the Phrenic nerves originate?C3,C4, C5

what Peritoneal folds best associated with...

Question Answer
Tail of Pancreas?
R & L Gastric Vessels and Portal TriadLesser Omentum
Short Gastric and Left Gasto-epiploic vesselsGastrosplenic
Middle Colic VesselsTransverse Mesocolon
Superior Mesenteric VesselsMesentery
Policeman of the AbdomenGreater omentum
Ligamentum Teres & Paraumbilical veinsFalciform Ligament

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Internal Iliac vein receives the following veins EXCEPT:
a. Superior Rectal
b. Inferior Rectal
c. Gonadal
d. Uterine
e****. A and C****