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Question Answer
Largest internal organ?liver (skin is largest overall)
Largest gland in the body?liver (the "liver gland"? what are these lies)
A liver weighs...1500 gm (about 3.3 lbs - so like about 1 kitten - or just short of a handle)
Liver is deep to right ribs ___-___.7-11
T/F - Liver is in Right hypochondrium, epigastrium and left hypochondrium.T (liver is a top shelf liquor)
What separates the liver from the heart, pericardium, lung, and pleura?diaphragm
Why did Dr. Haywood give the liver a 65? the Right lung undercuts it
Liver- secretes ____ and stores glycogen.bile
All substances absorbed by the alimentary tract go to the liver first EXCEPT...lipids
What are the diaphragmatic surfaces of the liver?anterior, superior, posterior (related to diaphragm)
The visceral surface of the liver is the...inferior (I guess? tis unclear)
The visceral surface of the liver is related to the...abdominal viscera (stomach, duodenum, T. colon, right kidney, and hepatic flexure)
Name the 3 things that divide the liver into right and left lobes.falciform ligament, ligamentum teres, ligamentum venosus
The caudate and quadrate lobes are on the ___ lobe of liver.right (caudate is posterior and quadrate is inferior)
What 2 things go around the caudate lobe?ligamentum venosum and IVC
What 2 things go around the quadrate lobe?ligamentum teres and gallbladder
The falciform ligament is on the ___ and ___ surfaces. Its tail is the ___ ___. It used to be the umbilical vein.anterior, superior, ligamentum teres
In fetal life, the ligamentum venosum was...ductus venosus
The umbilical vein carried ____ blood. (oxygenated, deoxygenated)oxygenated
In fetal life, the lateral umbilical ligaments were...umbilical arteries
Is the gallbladder by the right or left lobe?right lobe
What's in the porta hepatis? right and left hepatic ducts, right and left hepatic arteries, portal vein
Name the things in porta hepatis from anterior to posterior.Ducts, hepatic arteries, portal vein
___ + ___ = common bile ductcystic duct, common hepatic duct
What part of liver is NOT covered by peritoneum?small triangular area on posterior surface of right lobe, and porta hepatis
What area between the liver and kidney can accumulate infection?hepatorenal pouch
Name 3 peritoneal folds of the liver.falciform ligament, lesser omentum, triangular
Name 3 things in the portal triad.common bile duct, hepatic artery, portal vein (kinda sits in front of IVC)
75-80% of blood coming INTO liverportal vein
20-25% of blood coming INTO liverhepatic artery
Right, intermediate and left hepatic veins drain into...IVC
What holds the liver in position?hepatic veins (don't have extrahepatic course)
Lymphatic drainage - Superficial and deep (with portal triad --> hepatic --> celiac --> cysterna chili --> ___ ____thoracic duct
Lymphatic drainage - Bare area to lymphatic related IVC --> _________ _________ _________ _________posterior mediastinal lymph node
Liver sympathetics?hepatic plexus from celiac plexus
Liver parasympathetics?vagus nerves
Caudate and Quadrate lobes- ANATOMICALLY ---> ___ lobes. FUNCTIONALLY ___ lobes.right, left (lots of stars in Dahlia's notes!! ****)


Question Answer
Stores and ____ bile.concentrates
Name 3 parts of the gallbladderfundus, body, neck
Gallbladder SENSATION carried by...phrenic nerve
Gallbladder referred pain is at...right shoulder C3, C4, C5
Fundus projects below the ____ (inferior, superior) border of liver at __th costal cartilage and directly related to anterior abdominal wall.inferior, 9th
Common bile duct descends in the ___ ___ ___ ___ border of lesser omentum
Common bile duct descends in the free border of the lesser omentum then behind the _____ and the ____ ____ ___ ___duodenum, header of the pancreas
CBD + _____ ____ = hepatopancreatic ampulla.pancreatic duct
CBD + pancreatic duct = ___ ___hepatopancreatic ampulla