SYS ANATOMY EXAM 2 - BS about Abdominal Viscera

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Abdominal Aorta Branches From
Question Answer
Coeliac trunkventral
Super mesenteric arteryventral
Inferior mesenteric arteryventral
Inferior phrenic arterylateral
Middle Suprarenal arterylateral
Renal artery lateral
Gonadal arterylateral
Common Iliac artery lateral
Lumbar arteries (4 pairs)dorsal
Median sacral / Middle sacral arterydorsal


I'm a branch of...
Question Answer
Left gastric artery...celiac trunk
Common hepatic artery...celiac trunk
Splenic artery...celiac trunk
Pancreatic arterial branches ... splenic artery (CT --> AA)
Short gastric artery... splenic artery (CT-->AA)
Left gastroepiploic artery... splenic artery (CT --> AA)
5 terminal splenic arterial branches... splenic artery (CT --> AA)
Right gastric artery... hepatic artery (CT --> AA)
Gastroduodenal artery... hepatic artery (CT --> AA)
Supraduodenal artery... hepatic artery (CT --> AA)
2 terminal right and left hepatic branches... hepatic artery (CT --> AA)
Right gastroepiploic and Superior Pancreaticoduodenal arteries...Gastroduodenal artery (hepatic artery)
Cystic artery... right hepatic artery (hepatic artery)
Esophageal artery... Left gastric artery (CT --> AA)
Gastric artery... left gastric artery (CT --> AA)
Right and middle colic arteries... superior mesenteric artery (AA)
Inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery... superior mesenteric artery (AA)
Jejunal and Ileal arterial branches... superior mesenteric artery (AA)
Ileocolic artery... superior mesenteric artery (AA)
Marginal artery... anastomoses between all colic branches of SMA and IMA
Left colic artery... inferior mesenteric artery (AA)
Sigmoid arterial branches... inferior mesenteric artery (AA)
Superior rectal artery...inferior mesenteric artery ( - is a continuation of IMA - AA)


Question Answer
T/F - esophagus, stomach, proximal 1/2 duodenum, liver, GALLBLADDER, pancreas and spleen are all foregut.T
Arterial arcades aka...anastomoses
Celiac trunk origin levelL1 (upper border)
Superior mesenteric origin levelL1 (lower border)
Inferior mesenteric origin levelL3


Hard stuff
Question Answer
Runs behind the STOMACH over the upper border of the pancreasSplenic artery
Enters the hilum of spleen between the 2 layers of splenorenal ligamentSplenic artery
Splenic artery - enters the hilum of the spleen between 2 layers of ...splenorenal ligament
Splenic artery - runs ____ (behind, in front of) the ______ and over the upper border of the ____.behind, stomach, pancreas
Runs in free border of lesser omentumHepatic artery
Runs with hepatoduodenal ligamentHepatic artery (free border of lesser omentum)
Hepatic artery - ____ is the right. ____ is behind.CBD, portal vein
Branches between 2 layers of mesentery to jejunum and ileumJejunal and ileal branches of superior mesenteric artery
Where does the right gastric artery and left gastric artery anastomose?lesser curvature of stomach
_______ artery - anastomoses of SMA and IMA colic branches at inner margin of colon and sends straight branches (vasa recta) to colonmarginal artery
Runs along lesser curvature of stomach between 2 layers of lesser omentumLeft gastric artery
What sends vasa recta to colon?marginal artery
Runs between 2 layers of sigmoid mesocolon to reach sigmoid colonsigmoid branches of inferior mesenteric artery
Gives ascending and descending branches that anastomose with middle colic and ileocolic Right colic artery
Descends anterior to unicate process of pancreas, then 3rd part of duodenum, then continues to the right side in the root mesentery. Ends in right iliac fossa by anastomosing with its ileocolic branch.superior mesenteric artery
Descends anterior to the aorta, then continues to the left side between aorta and left ureter. It ends at the bifurcation of left common iliac artery as superior rectal artery.inferior mesenteric artery


What do I supply
Question Answer
Cystic arterygallbladder
Right gastroepiploic arterysuperior curvature of stomach
Esophageal arterylower part of esophagus
Inferior pancreaticoduodenal arterylower 1/2 duodenum, head of pancreas
Ileocolic arterylower 1/3 ascending colon, cecum, appendix, terminal part ileum
Right colic artery upper 2/3 ascending colon
Middle colic arteryright 2/3 of transverse colon, right colic flexure
Left colic artery left 1/3 of transverse colon, left colic flexure, most of descending colon
Sigmoid branchessigmoid colon
Superior rectal artery rectum, upper part of anal canal


Supplied by?
Question Answer
Gallbladdercystic artery
Superior curvature of stomachright gastroepiploic artery
Lower part of esophagusesophageal artery
Lower 1/2 duodenuminferior pancreaticoduodenal artery
Head of pancreasinferior pancreaticoduodenal artery
Lower 1/3 ascending colonileocolic artery
Cecumileocolic artery
Appendixileocolic artery
Terminal part ileumileocolic artery
Upper 2/3 ascending colonright colic artery
Right 2/3 of transverse colonmiddle colic artery
Right colic flexuremiddle colic artery
Left 1/3 of transverse colonleft colic artery
Left colic flexureLeft colic artery
Most of the descending colonleft colic artery
Sigmoid colonsigmoid branches
Rectumsuperior rectal artery
Upper part of anal canalsuperior rectal artery


Question Answer
T/F - The superior and inferior mesenteric veins receive tributaries corresponding to their arterial branches.T
Superior mesenteric vein + splenic vein = ____portal vein
Where does the inferior mesenteric vein end?splenic vein
Where do the SMV and splenic vein meet?behind the neck of the pancreas (portal vein)
Where does the portal vein end?porta hepatis (divides into 2 branches)
Why is the portal vein DARK-SIDED, GARGOYLES!starts as a vein, ends as an artery... DARK-SIDED
What all do the portal veins drain?spleen, pancreas, digestive system (from lower of esophagus to upper of anal canal)
Veins have tributaries. Arteries have branches. The portal vein has ___.both (DARK-SIDED, IT AIN'T CHRISTIAN)
Anastomoses between tributaries of systemic veins (SVC, IVC) and tributaries of portal veins.portosystemic anastomoses
Name 5 sites of portosystemic anastomoses.lower part esophagus, anal canal, anterior abdominal wall around the umbilicus, posterior abdominal wall around colon, liver
Normal pressure in portal vein ___-___ mmHg.5-10 mmHg
Liver cirrhosis can lead to..portal hypertension
Portal hypertension can lead to...dilation of portal vein tributaries and opening of portosystemic anastomoses
Esophageal varices, Piles, and Caput Medusa can all be caused by ...liver cirrhosis (leading to portal hypertension, opening portosystemic anastomoses)
Hematemesisvomiting blood (esophageal varices)
Pilesrectal bleeding
Caput medusablue vessels around umbilicus


Drains the...
Question Answer
Superior mesenteric veinmidgut
Inferior mesenteric veinhindgut up to the upper 1/2 of anal canal
Systemic veinslower 1/2 of anal canal


Question Answer
Splenic veinportal vein (MAIN)
Superior mesenteric veinportal vein (MAIN)
Left gastric veinportal vein
Right gastric veinportal vein
Cystic veinportal vein
Paraumbilical veinportal vein
Common iliac veinIVC
Left gonadal veinIVC
Renal veinIVC
Suprarenal veinIVC
Hepatic veinIVC
Inferior phrenic veinIVC
Lumbar veinIVC


Question Answer
What drains 3/4 of the body?thoracic duct (right lymphatic duct gets upper right quarant)
The thoracic and right lymphatic ducts both drain into the...subclavian vein


Question Answer
Greater Splanchnic nerve is _________-_________T5-T9 (sympa)
Lesser Splanchnic nerve is _________-___T10-T11 (sympa)
Least Splanchnic nerve is ___.T12 (sympa)
Pelvic splanchnic nerve is _________-_________S2-S4 (para)
To celiac plexusgreater splanchnic nerve
To celiac, superior mesenteric and aorticorenal plexusesLesser splanchnic nerve (sympa) ALSO parasympathetic vagal trunks
To superior mesenteric and aorticorenal plexusesLeast splanchnic nerve (sympa)
To superior mesenteric, inferior mesenteric and hypogastric plexuses.lumbar splanchnic nerve (sympa)
To inferior mesenteric and hypogastric plexusespelvic splanchnic nerves (para)
Visceral pain associated with distension and contraction is carried by ___ fibers that join sympathetic fibers.afferent (then via white ramus communicans to corresponding spinal nerves, then to associated spinal cord segment.
T/F - Distension/Contraction visceral pain - afferent fibers - sympathetic nerves - white ramus communicans - corresponding spinal nerves - associated spinal cord segment.T