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Section 1

Question Answer
Hatedislike, detest, loathe, resent, abhor, despise. (v)
Admirepraise, acclaim, extol (formal), laud(formal), exalt(formal). (v)
Skillfulladept, proficient, expert, adroit. (adj)
Unfriendlyaloof, stand-offish. (adj)
Friendlyamicable, cordial
Pleasant, appealing, charming, adorable. (adj)
Enthusiastic, ardent, eager, zealous, keen, (adj)
Hard Arduous, laborious, strenuous. (adj)
Smart, astute, sage (literary), wise, shrewd, resourceful, sharp. (adj)
Brave, audacious, daring, intrepid (adj)
Biased (unfairly preferring one person or group over another), prejudiced. (adj)
Unusualbizarre, odd, eccentric, weird. (adj)

Section 2

Question Answer
Conscientious (careful to do everything), meticulous. (adj)
Credulous (formal) (always believing what you are told, and therefore easily deceived), gullible. (adj)
Angry, cross. (adj)
Pessimist (someone who always expects that bad things will happen), cynical, skeptical. (adj)
Sad dejected, dismal, gloomy. (adj)
Harmful, deleterious (formal), detrimental(formal). (adj)
make fun ofderide, mock. (v
Carefuldiscreet, cautious, wary. (adj)
Happyelated, jubilant, overjoyed, delighted. (adj)
Fabulousastounding, marvelous, amazing, outstanding, brilliant, fantastic, awesome, impressing
Hesitate, falter, waver. (v)
Choosy(informal), picky(informal), fussy. (adj)
Talkative, chatty, verbose, garrulous (adj)
Skinny(very thin, especially in a way that is unattractive), boney, Lanky(tall and thin), scrawny (adj)

Section 3