Symbiosis Matching

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Question Answer
Sea Anemone & Clownfish: Mutualism (Clownfish attracts other fish that sea anemone eats; clownfish gets leftovers)
Cow & Cattle Bird: Commensalism (Cow grazes and stirs up bugs that bird eats. Cow not hurt or helped)
Tapeworm in Human: Parasitism (Tapeworm eats food that humans eat in their intestines, so humans don't get the nutrition from the food)
Tick on a dog: Parasitism (Tick feeds on blood from dog. Dog needs to keep all it's blood.)
Barnacles on whale: Commensalism (Barnacles need something to cling to. Whales are not hurt.)
Bird on a Hippo: Mutualism (Bird eats parasites off of Hippo. Hippo then is free of parasites.)
Bees and Flowers: Mutualism (Bees eat the nectar inside flowers, but they also spread pollen for the flower, making new flowers in other places.)