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Question Answer
T.GondiiChorioretinitis, intracranial calcifications, hydrocephalus
VZVLimb hypoplasia, cutaneous scarring, cataracts, chorioretinitis
ParvoHydrops fetalis
SyphilisSnuffles, hepatomegaly, skeletal abnormalities
RubelaSensorineural deafness, cataracts, blueberry muffin rash, heart defects, hepatosplenomegaly
CMVSensorineual deafness, periventricular calcifications, jaundice, hepatosplenomegaly, chorioretinitis
HSVCutaneous vesicles, lesions, scarring


Question Answer
Decrease Renal Plasma flow / Increase Filtration FractionConstriction of efferent arteriole
Decreased GFR / No effect on RPF / Decreased Filtration fractionHyperproteinemia
Decreased GFR/ No effect on RPF / Decreased FFBladder neck obstruction
Decreased GFR/ Decreased RPF / No effect FFConstriction of afferent arteriole
Decrease GFR / Increased RPF / Increased FFDilation of efferent arteriole


Question Answer
Ppt who has virus in the nose is later exposed to ether(Alcohol) and lose infectivity due to itsEnvelope VS NON-Enveloped are more resistant
Pituatry adenomaSurface ectoderm
Anti-Hepatits A IgG PositiveViral infection as a toddler and recovered
25 yr old with stillbirth fetus, sx during pregnancy was pan in both knees and feet which lasted a week, fetal autopsy shows pleaural effusion, pulmonary hypoplasia and ascitesNon-Enveloped single stranded dna virus~
Squamous cell carcinoma of esophagus Tumor cells with keratin nests & pearlsAlcohol use, Tobacco smoking, Nitroso containing foods(Japan betel nut)
Squamous cell carcinoma of esophagus Endmic area like iran or middle eastHot beverage consumption
Adenocarcinoma of esophagusBarrets esophagus, GERD, Obesity, Tobacco use
Squamous cell carcinoma of esophagus linked withChronic gastrointestinal blood loss -> Iron deficiency anemia
Reportable diseaseHIV, TB not HPV
Pt who is requesting for wifes lab results because he is having similar symptoms"If your spouse is a patient here, she would have to provide a release of information"
Granule containing cells and crystaloid massesEosinophils & Charcot leyden crystals -> IL-5
Narcolepsy pt was put on drug the promotes release of Dopamine and norepinephrine, adverse effect was excessive release of norepinephrine. What autonomic efferent would be most affected?Sympathetic output of bladder
Ehlers Dhanos syndromeDeficiency of procollagen peptidase -> n-TERMINAL PROPEPTIDE REMOVAL
Pt with HIV is undergoing treatment presents for follow up and viral strains show increase in pol geneAntiretroviral chemotherapy
HIV env geneEscape the host neutralizing antibodies
Pol geneAcquired resistance to HIV reverse transcriptase & HIV protease nhibitors
Vitamin D DeficiencySerum PTH High, Phosphorus Low, Calcium Low, Urine Phosphorus High
Persistent vitelline duct (fibrous band connected to the ileum & the umblicius) Failure of obliteration of omphalo mesentric duct is similar embrylogical pathology toMeckels Diverticulum
Penicillin drug is similar to what other drug?Vancomycin D-ala D-ala
19 YR old with ulcer in penis which is indurated,painless near the glans of penis, NO erythema or inguinal lymphadenopathyPenicillin or Vancomycin
Non tender cervical lymphadenopathy, first noticed while shaving Follicular Lymphoma PICTURE -> Aggregation of packed follicles(Big round balls)
Anti-Hbe IgMNO viral replication and no infectivity
HBeAgHigh viral replication and infectivity VERTICAL TRANSMISSION
H.Influenza Type B causesMeningitis, Pneumonia, epiglotitis & sepsis
Occulomotor CN III palsy artery?Right under the carotid arteries and on the same side of the lesion
Lung shows neutrophil rich in alveolar exudateBacterial or aspiration pneumonia
Red thrombus lodged in pulmonary artery in the lungsDVT
Focal necrosis of alveolar walls with intra alveolar hemorrhage in lungsAnti-Glomerular basement membrane antibody disease
Hook of hamateUlnar nerve
Drug of choice for Bulimia Nervosa~SSRI(Fluoxetine), Nutritional rehabilitation, Cognitive behavorial therapy
TCADesipramine -> Anti-depressant
Pt with a history of ulcerative colitis and not compliant presents with worsening abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea, fever abdominal distension,and tenderness without guarding or rebound tenderness, rectal examination guaic positive stoolUlcerative colitis complication -> Toxic Megacolon -> Plain abdominal xray Shows colonic dilation with multiple air fluid levels
Pneumoconioses are particles less than 2um in size which reach alveoliDefective phagocytosis
Glyburide vs GlipizideGLyburide -> Causes Hypoglycemia in elderly because increase secretion of insulin from pacreatic beta cells
Asscarbose sxDiarrhea
Metformin sxLactic acidosis
Thiazolidinediones sxHeart failure
Upper GI endoscopy reveals a bleeding spot within a cluster of enlarged tortuous veinsin the gastric fundusEsophageal varices due to Cirrhosis or Splenic vein thrombosis
Splenic vein thrombosis causesChronic pancreatitisfark stook,epigastric tenderness to palpation, black guaic + stools, pancreatic cancer, adbominal tumors -> Short gastric vein -> splenic vein obstructed
Aortic stenosis complicationLeft ventricular hypertrophy -> Atrial fibrillation -> Lack of filling room in left ventricle Decrease in left ventricular preload
PAH notesRelated to renal plasma flow & Is carrier transport mediated in the kidney
Pt presents with sudden,severe headache bilateral deficits involving the temporal visual fields & impaired extraocular eye movements(Bitemporal hemianopsia), Hypotension(PanHypopituitarism)Pituitary hemorrhage due to pituitary adenoma
Rabies post exposure prophylaxisInactivated vaccine
Live vaccineHerpeszoster, varicella, yellow fever
Manic EpisodeMore than one week of irritable mood, hyperactivity, pressured speechloud, rapid, difficult to interrupt, decreased need for sleepup all night for 1week, grandiose delusionsend world hunger
Manic symptomsDistractibility, Impulsivity, Grandiositiy, Flight of ideas, Activity increase, Sleep decrease, Talkative + Delsuions&hallucinationspt thinks he is gods on true sonBipolar I disorder with psychotic features
Pt with one or more lifetime manic episodesBipolar I disorder
More than 1 psychotic sx for more than one day but less than one monthBrief psychotic disorder
Pt with a history of DM & Hypertension was started on lisinoprilACE inhibitors, with other previous drugs such as hydrochlorothiazidediuritics, metformin, atrovastatin presents with low blood pressure after starting lisinoprilDiuritic +Ace inhibtors complication -> First dose hypotension
Metyrapone stimulation testInhibits production of Cortisol via 11b-hydroxylase -> CAUSE INCREASE in ACTH, 11-deoxycortisol & urinary 17-hydroxycorticosteroid
Chrons fistula formation due toTransmural inflammation
Chrons partial bowel obstruction leads toIntestinal stricture
Chrons toxic megacolon leads toBowel perforation
Tinnitus and hearingloss after starting an antibioticAminoglycosides -> Gentamicin -> mRNA genetic code reading & protein synthesis by binding to the prokaryotic 30 s ribosomal subunit
Cystic Medial necrosisAscending aortic aneurysm in Marfan young pts
Chronic Transmural inflammationAbdominal aortic aneurysmPulsating central abdominal mass due to athersclerosis leading to hypertension
Vasa vasorum enderarteritisThoracic Aortic aneurysm
Sideroblastic anemia enzyme deficiencytheta-aminolevulinate synthase
Narrowing of renal arterioles with deposition of homogeneous, glassy material in subendothelial space that stains for pink with periodic acid-schiff stainDiabetes mellitus
Pt with elevated AST/ Serum lipase (Pancreatitis), sudden onset vomiting and severe upper abdominal pain that radiates to back. What following additional laboratory findings?Mean corpuscular volume of 108fL -> Megaloblastic Anemia
Ducts distended by pleomorphic cells with prominent central necrosis that do not penetrate the basement membraneDuctal carcinoma in Situ
Pt with fixed and dilated pupils with no pupillary response to light. Most likely cause of this pts pupillary findings?Optic Nerve -> Midbrain
Polyhydraminos is due toImpaired swallowing GI obstruction,esophageal/duodenal/intestinal atresia & Ancephaly(Anti-epileptic)
Polyhydraminos increased urinationHigh cardiac output from parvo virus,anemia, fetomaternal hemorrhage
Incison at the 5th intercostel space at the midaxillary line damage what muscleSerratus Anterior
Wernicke Encephalopthy findings(Alcoholic that died from aspiration pneumonia)Foci of hemorrhage and necrosis in the mamillary bodies -> Decreased erythrocyte transketolase activity due to thiamine b1 deficiency
B1 Thiamine required for what enzymes?Transketolase, Pyruvate dehydrogenase, a-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase
PCP MOA(Angel dust)N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonism
Pt with gestational diabetes has a family history of such diabetes is due toGlucokinase enzyme decreased
Glucokinase enzyme is resposibleReleasing insulin when glucose enters B-pancreatic cells
5yr old with generalized edema who had a few days ago URI, PROTEINURIA no hematuria urine protein consists of albumin, trace amounts of IgG & a2microglobulin. Most likely cause of pts urinary protein loss?Minimal Change disease -> Loss of glomerular basement membrane of anions effacement of the podocyte foot processes
Thinning of the glomerular basement membraneAlport syndrome
Nodular golmerulosclerosisDiabetic pts kidney
Rheumatoid Arthritis possible long term tx glucocorticosteriod use complicationOsteoporosis -> pathologic thoracic fracture
Indomethacin sxPeptic ulcer
Methotrexate sxLiver problems and bone marrow suppresion
Bisphosphantes sxAvascular necrosis of the jaw
Pt with manic episodes with two previous depressive episodes in the pastBipolar Disorder Long term tx - Valporate or Lamotrigine or lithium
Pt with a stab at the right costal margin, brisk non pulsatile bleeding from behind the liver. Treatment?Pringle maneuver -> Occluding hepatoduodenal ligament -> Common Bile duct/ cystic artery/ hepatic artery/ hepatic portal vein -> Portal Triad
Pt with a stab at the right costal margin, brisk non pulsatile bleeding from behing the liver. Despite pringle manuver the pt is bleeding due to what?IVC or Hepatic vein
Pt withsever fatigue Anemia, food getting stuck in her throat dysphagia or esophageal web, tongue appears to be red & smoothPlummer vinson syndrome -> Treat with iron
Vitmain D deficiency (Rickets) Frontal bossing(Softened skull bones), tibial and femoral bowingExcess of unmineralized matrix
During appendectomy appendix shows abnormal islands of small cells or sheets of uniform cells with eosinophilic cytoplasm and oval or round stippled nucleiCarcinoid Tumor -> derived from Neuroendocrine cells
Fistula between Aorta & right ventricleAortocavitary Fistula -> IV drug user -> Continuous blood flow from Aorta to right ventricle
What parameter most likely accounts difference between minute ventilation & alveolar ventilationDead space volume
Pt has calcified lymph node in the righ lung hilus, small fibrotic focus in the right lower lobe of the right lungPrimary exposure to M.Tuberculosis
Pt being treated for heart failure with a drug but few weeks later presents with fatigue & muscle weakness(Hypokalemia) IS DUE TOLoop diurtics and can be treated by putting the pt on Spirnolactone
9-10-11 ribspleen
Receptors that increase insulinBeta2,glucagon,M3
Drug inhibits what receptor than causes increase in insulin when administered with insulinAlpha 2 or Somatostatin 2
Person get coughed on by another pt with TBAerolized respiratory secretion deposits organism in the alveoli -> engulfed by alveolar macrophages that allow for intracellular bacterial proliferation
Cirrhosis pt despite giving vitamin k platelets down and PT elevatedFactor 7 deficiency (runs out first due to short half life)
Women with irregular menstrual cycle with facial acne, hair in top of lips, obesePoLyCyStIcOvArIAnSyNdRome -> Enlarged ovaries -> Multifactorial -> Elevated LH -> Endometrial Hyperplasia -> Tx Clomiphrnr Estrogen receptor modulator
RelaxofenInhibit pre-osteoclast differentiation
AledronateInhibit mature osteclast mediated reabsorption
Pt who presents with abdominal pain & diarrhea(D), also depressed due to the fact he has a hard time remembering(D)Dementia, has a drinking history with pigmented scaly skin rash with a malar distribuition of face, neck and back of hands worse with exposure to sun(D)Dermatits. What enzyme deficiency?Isocitrate Dehydrogenase -> Pellegra due to niacin deficiency affecting dehydrogenase or reductase
Diabetic neuropathyCN III ischemia down and out
Uncual herniation or neoplasm or aneurysmCN III compression
4yr old who dies of infection has bone deformities with hepatosplenomegaly with clumps of erythroid precursor cells found in liver and spleen is due toChronic Hemolysis due to extramedullary erythropoiesis -> beta-thaassemia
Large multi country study from 14 countries studying dietary habits to find out multiple sclerosis occurrenceEcological study
Cross sectional isEvaluate exposures and outcomes of interest in individuals at a given point in time
Tampon in the vagina pt presenting with fever vomiting diarrhea, muscle pains, low bp, high pulse & temperature, erythematous macular rashMacrophages and T lymphocytes
Pt confused at home who overdosed on Amytriptyline is delirious,flushed,brief seizure,low bp, pupils are dilated QRS wideningTricyclic Antidepressant overdose -> Sodium channel inhibition
Hemochromotosis causesDilated & Restricted cardiomyopathy -> Iron containing brown pigmented granules
Small heart without significant coronary atherosclerosis showing prominent intracytoplasmic granules tinged with yellowish brownLipid peroxidation -> Aged Patient
Women with breast lump(Irregular borders) with a history of osteosarcoma, mother died of adrenal tumor, younger sister died of leukemiaP53 Mutation LiFrummeni Syndrome
Small nuclear ribonucleic acid functionScissors -> Removal of introns from RNA transcripts
DNA polymeraseElongates oKasaki fragment of the lagging strand
Pt presenting three days of dysuria and back pain, suprapubic costovertebral tenderness(UTI), LOW bp, high pulse, warm skin and confusion and becomes hypoxic and respiratory failureUTI complicated to ARDS -> Fluid accumulation in the alveolar spaces