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Military surveillance.

A 1520 ISR

1.Define the terms Intelligence, Surveillance, and reconnaissance
2.Define the intelligence collection disciplines
Question Answer
Intelligenceproduct resulting from the collection, Processingm integration, analysis, evaluation, and interpretation of available information. It is the information about an adversary obtained through observation, investigation, analysis, or understanding
Surveillanceis definded as the systematic observation of aerospace, surface or subsurface areas, places, persons or things by visual aural, electronic, photographic or other means.
Reconnaissanceis defined as a mission undertaken to obtain, by visual detection or other means, the information about activities and resources of an enemy or potential enemy, or securing data concerning the meterlogical, hydrographic, or geographic characteristics of a particular area.
Imagery Intelligence - IMINTis Intel that is derived from visual photography, infrared sensors, lasers, electro-optics, and radar sensors
Signals Intelligence - SIGINTis the collection of all communications intelligence, electronic intelligence, and foreign instrument intelligence, however transmitted.
Measurement and signals Intelligence - MASINTis scientific and technical intelligence obtained by quantitative and qualitative analysis of data
Human Resources Intelligence - HUMINTis the Intel collected by people in the area of interest
Open Source Intel- OSINTis Intel that is available to the general public

2.1 Define the AF ISR principles

Question Answer
Integrated - ISRmust be integrated to meet the timeliness and accuracy requirements of aerospace power
AccuracyInformation must be as accurate as possible. Accuracy implies reliable and Precise.
RelevanceISR product is tailored to the war fighters need.
TimelinessISR must be available for planning and execution.
Fusion - ISRinformation from many sources is combined, evaluated, and analyzed to produce accurate Intel.
AccessibilityISR Intel must be readily accessible and usable
SecurityPersonnel need to protect classified information and sensitive sources while keeping commanders informed.
Survivability, Sustainability, and DeployabilityMust be durable maintainable and small and agile enough to deploy
Unity of effortOrganizations at all levels must have clearly defined functions to prevent duplication and maximize sharing.
InteroperabilitySharing of ISR, acquisitions, operations systems, and personnel. System must be able to transmit accurate and usable information timely

2.2 Define the AF ISR Process and its seven steps

The ISR process has seven steps and is continuous. To start the process a requirement for information must be identified.


Question Answer
What are the steps?Planning, Tasking, Collecting, Analyzing, Disseminating, Evaluating, Applying
1. Planningstarts after a need for a information has been establish and validated; it is then prioritized among the other requests for information and is given the proper ISR assets for the ISR response.
2. Taskingis after planning and is when the ISR assets are tasked to collect information.
3. Collectingis the execution of the assigned ISR mission.
4. Analyzingis converting information into finished intelligence through analysis and fusion
5. DisseminatingGiving the information that is required for application in a timely manner
6. EvaluatingAfter the ISR prouduct is received, the user evaluates the product to see if it satisfies the requirement
7. ApplyingThe application of the ISR product to the mission.