Surgical Instruments

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Question Answer
Adson Thumb Forceps / Rat Tooth Thumb Forceps
Doyen Suture Scissors
Balfour Retractors (I think, there were two sets of these, one bigger, but neither had labels)
Mathieu Needle Holders (i before e)
Adson-Brown Thumb Forceps
Scalpel Handle
Doyen Intestinal Forceps
Olsen-Hager Needle Holders (Olsen has an S for scissors)
Spencer Suture Scissors
Allis Tissue Forceps
Babcock Intestinal Forceps
Grooved Director
Senn-Miller Retractor
Ovariohysterectomy Hook (specifically a Snook, but that wasn't on the label)
Lister Bandage Scissors
Mayo-Hager Needle Holders
Metzenbaum Scissors
Gelpi Retractors
Weitlaner Retractors
Top: Parker Retractor / Bottom: Army-Navy Retractor
Rochester-Carmalt Hemostatic Forceps
Foerster (Sponge) Forceps
Crile-Wood Needle Holders (notice the hole in the jaws)
Halsted Hemostatic Forceps (midrange, bigger than Mosquitos, smaller than Crile/Kelly)
Crile Hemostatic Forceps (sorry for the terrible picture, just remember that Crile Crocodile has all the teeth)
Kelly Hemostatic Forceps (Kelly's half dressed)
Mosquito Hemostatic Forceps (tiny like mosquitoes)

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