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Horace wellsNitrous oxide 1844
William Morton Ether 1846
James Simpson Chloroform 1847
John snowChloroform inhaler 1848
Alexander wood Hypodermic needle 1853
Cocaine 1884
Novocaine 1905

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Ignaz semmelweissMidwives wash hands in chlorinated solution 1846
Florence nightingale One patient per bed
Louis Pasteur Germ theory 1861
Joseph lister Using carbolic acid
Robert Koch Identified the bacteria that caused blood poisoning 1878
William halstead Developed rubber gloves 1890

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Karl Landsteiner Blood groups 1901
Richard Lewisohn Adding sodium citrate -first world war
Richard Weil 1916 Sodium citrate blood lasts longer if refrigerated
Francis Rous and James turner Adding citrate glucose even longer 1916
Blood deposit 1917 battle of cambai

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Infection Saline used
Limbs Prosthetics- 41,000 soldiers lost a limb
Portable x-Rays Identify shrapnel
Brain surgery Not understood
Anesthetics Restricted development of them
Comunitcating ideasAt conferences or in lanchet
Communicating ideasPhotos and written kept by surgeons made it easier to communicate
Scientific discoveries and new technology Lister influence by Pasteur which reduced death rate and hypodermic need-safer dose

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