Surgery Procedures for Cavus Foot

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Question Answer
indication for Dwyer osteotomyvarus calcaneus
Dwyer osteotomy procedurelaterally based closing wedge of the calcaneus
Dwyer osteotomy complicationssural neuritis, malunion
indication for calcaneal scarf osteotomycavovarus deformity
calcaneal scarf osteotomy procedurescarf of the calcaneus with a laterally based wedge taken from long arm of the osteotomy
calcaneal scarf osteotomy complicationssural neuritis
Hoke arthrodesisSTJ fusion + TNJ fusion
Dunn arthrodesisSTJ fusion + talocuneiform fusion + CC fusion
indication for triple arthrodesissignificant arthosis of the hind foot (STJ, TN, and CC joints)
indications for cole osteotomy rigid global anterior cavus
cole osteotomy proceduredorsally based wedge osteotomy of the mid foot, spares the TN and C joint, plantar fascia release
cole osteotomy complicationsnon union/malunion, shortening of the foot, NV compromise
indications for Japas Osteotomyrigid anterior global cavus
Japas Osteotomy procedureV osteotomy with the apex in the navicular, arms in medial cuneiform and cuboid joint, dorsiflex the distal portion of the foot
Japas Osteotomy complicationsnon union/malunion, arthritis, dorsal hump, NV compromise
indications for Jonesflexible plantarflexed 1st ray
Jones proceduredetach the EHL from the midshaft of the proximal phalanx, reattach to the 1st MT head
Jones complicationsloss of EHL power? creation of a few deformity therefore fuse IPJ
indications for Hibbs Tenosuspensionflexible HDS
Hibbs Tenosuspension proceduredetach the EDL tenonds of toes 2-5, anchor these tendons to the 3rd cuneiform
Hibbs Tenosuspension complicationsinstability of the MTP joints, NV compromise
indications fo Heymanextensor substitution hammer toes 1-5
Heyman proceduredetach the EHL and EDL tendons, anchor to the respective MT heads
Heyman complicationsinstability of the lesser MTP joints
indications for STATTswing phase supinatus, TA is a deforming force
STATT procedureTA is split in half, the medial 1/2 stays attached to the cuneiform, the lateral 1/2 is attached to the 3rd/lateral cuneiform
STATT complicationsloss of function, over correction of the RF deformity
indications for TPTTdrop foot, spastic equines
TPTT procedureTP is detached from its insertion, transferred through the interosseous membrane to the dorsum of the foot
TPTT complicationloss of PT tendon function, FF deformities
indications for PL tendon transferdrop foot, PF 1st ray
PL tendon transfer procedure1/2 or al of the PL is transferred to the 3rd cuneiform
PL tendon transfer complicationloss of PL function
indication for peroneal stop procedureoveractive/spastic PL that is causing PF of the 1st ray
peroneal stop procedure tenotomize the PL, suture PL to PB
peroneal stop procedure complicationsalterations in perineal function