Sunday - Muscles of the Thigh - Anterior and Glutes

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Question Answer
Adductor longus - Opubic tubercle
Adductor longus - Ilinea aspera of femur
Adductor longus - Nobturator n.
Adductor longus - BSfemoral a.
Adductor longus - Aadduct, flex thigh
Adductor brevis - Oinferior ramus of pubis
Adductor brevis - Ilinea aspera of femur
Adductor brevis - Nobturator n.
Adductor brevis - BSfemoral a.
Adductor brevis - Aadduct, flex thigh
Obturator externis - Oouter surface of obturator membrane, pubis, ischium
Obturator externis - Iinferior to greater trochanter of femur
Obturator externis - Nobturator n.
Obturator externis - BSobturator a.
Obturator externis - Alateral rotation of thigh
Adductor magnus - Oinferior ramus of pubis, ischial tuberosity
Adductor magnus - Iadductor tubercle of femur, linea aspera of femur
Adductor magnus - Nobturator, tibial nn.
Adductor magnus - BSfemoral, deep femoral, obturator aa.
Adductor magnus - A: whole muscleadduction, medial rotation of thigh
Adductor magnus - A: anteriorflex thigh
Adductor magnus - A: posteriorextend thigh


Question Answer
Gracilis - Oinferior ramus of pubis
Gracilis - I pes anserine
Gracilis - Nobturator n.
Gracilis - BSobturator a.
Gracilis - Aadduct thigh, flex leg, medial rotation of flexed leg
Gluteus maximus - Osacrum, iliac crest, coccyx
Gluteus maximus - Igluteal tuberosity of femur, IT band
Gluteus maximus - Ninferior gluteal n.
Gluteus maximus - BSinferior, superior gluteal aa.
Gluteus maximus - A: upperextend, laterally rotate, abduct thigh
Gluteus maximus - A: loweradduct thigh
Gluteus medius - Oupper 1/2 of posterior ilium
Gluteus medius - Igreater trochanter of femur
Gluteus medius - Nsuperior gluteal n.
Gluteus medius - BSsuperior gluteal a.
Gluteus medius - A: whole muscleabduct thigh
Gluteus medius - A: anteriormedially rotate, flex thigh
Gluteus medius - A: posteriorlaterally rotate, extend thigh
Gluteus minimus - Olower 1/2 of posterior ilium
Gluteus minimus - Igreater trochanter of femur
Gluteus minimus - Nsuperior gluteal n.
Gluteus minimus - BSsuperior gluteal a.
Gluteus minimus - Aabduct, medially rotate, flex thigh