Sudan - Darfur

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Question Answer
The year when the Darfur conflict began2003
Name of the self-defence militant groupJanjaweed
Population of Sudan (North and South)39 million
Month and Year of separation of North/South SudanJuly 2011
GDP per capita of Sudan$1550
Life expectancy in Sudan62 years
Birth rate per 1000 of population 34
Death rate per 1000 popualtion8
Population growth rate2%
HDI ranking 166th
GDP growth rate in 2012-10%
GDP growth rate in 2013-6%
Total amount of oil in South Sudan ( in barrels) 6 billion barrels
Government revenue from oil as a %98%
Inflation rate in Sudan in 201279%
% of export revenue accounted for by oil73%
Current balance of payments trade deficit$3.1 billion
Total government revenue$9 billion
Total government debt$45 billion
% of Darfur villages destroyed90%
Total of people infected with polio10,000 people
Total refugees due to Darfur conflict2.3 million people
Deaths due to starvation in Sudan each year120,000 deaths
% of South Sudan's population who depend on the agriculture sector for income95%
% of South Sudan's population with no access to toilet facilities80%
% of South Sudan's population who finish primary school1%
% of North Sudan's population who finish primary school 49%
% of Sudan's population who have access to clean water 69%
% of Sudan's oil wells located in South Sudan75%
Speed of desertification southwards into South Sudan 100km in the last 40 years