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Substance Use and Abuse

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i missed one of the lessons for health, so if you think something should be added, let me know please


Question Answer
stimulants speed up the _______ _______ _______central nervous system
stimulants make you feel _____alert
stimulants cause increased _______ and ________ ratesheart and respiratory
stimulants cause _____ blood pressurehigh
stimulants make pupils _______dilated
stimulants give a _____ or _____high or lift
what are some examples of stimulants?cocaine, meth, nicotine, caffeine


Question Answer
hallucinogens alter _____ and _______mood and thoughts
hallucinogens _______ your sensesdistort
what are some examples of hallucinogens?marijuana, LSD, ecstasy, PCP, ketamine


Question Answer
depressants tend to slow down _______ _______nervous system
depressants relax _______muscles
depressants relieve feelings of _______tension
depressants make you less _______ of events aroundconscious
what are some examples of depressants?alcohol, marijuana, heroin, rohyphol

Drug Use Continuum

i think the notes were confusing for this (or maybe it was just that one student teacher that made it confusing)
Question Answer
what is a non user?a person who has never used a particular drug
how does a non user become an experimental user?see people around them using drug, easy access, curiosity, media, peer pressure, etc
what is an experimental user?has tried a substance once or several times
what could make a person an experimental user?to fit in, to rebel parents, deal with shyness, use is motivated by curiosity about effect and performance, see it as norm to do at parties, etc
what is an occasional user?use is infrequent and irregular, usually confined to special occasions or when the opportunities present themselves directly
what could make a person an occasional user?boredom, to seem more mature, stay awake/sleep, control pain/weight, gain attention from people, etc
what is a regular user?use has predictable pattern, user actively seeks to experience the drug effect, user usually feels in control of the drug use
what could make a person a regular user?has become a habit, stressful events in life, boredom, friends use it all the time, low self esteem, feeling of worthlessness, etc
what is a dependent user?use is regular and predictable (usually frequent), user experiences psychological/physical need for the drug, feels out of control without the drug, will continue to use drug despite consequences

Performance Enhancing Drugs

Question Answer
male symptomsbigger breasts, shrunken testicles, weird/less sperm, etc
female symptomsbaldness, facial hair, lower voice, breast cancer, bigger clitoris, menstrual irregularities, etc
general effectsheart disease, lower HDL, kidney failure, artery clogs, loss of sex drive, acne