Substance Use and Abuse Test

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Definition of DrugsSubstance alters mood,sense, and thought
3 classifications of drugsDepressants, Hallucinogens, and Stimulants
What makes the 3 classifications of drugs differentDepressants-Slows down nervous system ,Hallucinogens-See things that aren't there, Stimulants-Speeds up nervous system
4 reasons why someone might take drugsCuriosity, Peer pressure, Popularity, Rebel against parents
5 phases of drug use continuumOccasional, Experimental, Non user, Regular, Recreational
Why people use start taking steroidsTo build bigger muscles, reduce activity of immune system
Steroid side effects maleenlarged breasts, shrunken testicles, acne, reduced sperm count, loss of sex drive
Steroid side effects femalelow voice, shrunken breast, facial hair, male pattern baldness, acne
Why do drugs affect people differentyHow much they use, How they use it (inject,smoke)

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What are possible negative consequenses of taking drugsInjuries, Health problems, Effects brain, Behaviour problems
What are dangers a police officer could face when breaking into a meth labChemicals explosive and deadly, poked by needles, what they step on, inhaling fumes, toxic waste
why is the mercedes article important for young teens to read
which organization is too much caffeine illegal WADA-World Anti Doping Agency

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