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atropine is used for mydriasis and ACH overdose
Tricyclines MOAblock reuptake of serotoin, dopamine, NE
what increases diffusion
hyperglycemia can be caused by all except?
oblique popliteal ligament is from what m?
posterior thigh muscles originate from which structure
what artery supplies FDBm. plantar(same as n)
what a supplies quadratus plantel. plantar(same as n)
what hormone is secreted by the zona glomerulosa of adrenal gland
what drug is used as antiemetic postop
m btw anterior and inferior gluteal lines
where is erythropoetin made
cerebellum functionbalance and control
ACE inhibitors classantihypertensives
what causes M. gravisantibodies against ACH receptors
describe a fast conducting axonlarge, myelinated
what are the types of transport? which form of transport requires energyactive transport
which ion is a clotting factorcalcium
which drug causes hair growthminoxidil
vit causes exfoliationVit A
blocks action of histamine in asthmaepinephrine
antibiotics that work on cell wall
m supplied by spinal accessory ntrapezius, SCM
what m inserts into the quadrate tubercleQuadratus femoris
what part of os coxae is formed by more than one boneacetabulum
what supplies the nutrient forament of fibular
know ossicles-what bone is associated with os tibiale externumnavicular
what organism causes acute bacterial endocarditiss. aureus(know everything about staph)
troponin in skeletal m, smooth m, or cardiac m
during rapid repolarization does K+ go in or out of cell? what about hypopolarization?both K+ efflux
what substance incr m wastingsteroid usage
what do u not use antacids withtetracycline