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Question Answer
folic acid deficency celiac disease
folatebest to check for anemia
decrease serum albumin, decrease proteinchrons disease
increase MCV, macrocytosisceliac disease
thru abdominal wall NO sacgastroschesis
thru umbilicus with sac, persistent drainage from umbilical cord = allantois oomphaloce
meconium ileuscystic fibrosis
fetal alcohol syndromeincreased cleft lip and palate
can't pass NG tube thru, too much amniotic fluid during pregnancyesophageal atrasia/trachoesophageal fistula
coughing, choking, cyanosis 3 c's spitting esophageal atrasia/trachoseophageal fistula
24-36 hoursneed to pass stool hypothyroid, CF, hirschsprungs
varicella, rubella, hepatitis Ball taratogenic during pregnancy
cord blood gases, abnormal neuro signs and organ dysfunctiondetermines mental retardation outcomes
area of swelling demarcated and does NOT cross suture line, take 3 months to resolvecephalhematoma
newborn placed on warm blanketsconduction
low temp, respiratory distress in newbornhypoglycemia
CBC, BC, low CALCIUM (decrease parathyroid hormone), low blood sugarnewborn of an IDDM mother
scaphoid abdomen, + cyanosis, respiratory distress, NO bowel soundscongenital diaphragmatic hernia
hypoglycemia, hypocalcemia, polycythemia = d/t decreased glycogen storesLGA babies with hypoglycemia
alpha feta proteinsecond trimester, pregnancy progress
amniocentesis16 weeks, karotyping, DNA
choronic villi sampling10 weeks, karotyping DNA
gestational age and brown fat plays a huge role inheat production
number of weeks thru neuromuscular maturity, physiologic maturityMRS maturity rating scale
assess gestational ageballard score
32 weeksvery premature
TSH above 5.5hypothyroidism
T4 should be 0.7-1.7
neonates react to stress withcold stress
hypoxia, hypoglycemia, metabolic acidosislow temp in a newborn = stress
jaundice before 24 hoursrh incompatoblity
wide chestturners
white discneuroblastoma
blue tint to sclera ok but too muchosteogenic imperfectica
2-5 days

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