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Democracy freedom, justice, commonwealth, majority rules
Dictatorship ruled, harassed, Nazism, unfair
Monarchyking/queen, emperor, throne, empire
Describe the main differences between a direct democracy and a representative democracy:In a direct democracy all citizens meet together and make decisions via a vote. In a representative democracy citizens elect leaders who make decisions on their behalf.

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Similarities between monarchy and dictatorshipruled by one person,Their ruler is not answerable to anyone else.(has absolute power), No elections
Differences between monarchy and dictatorshipIn a monarchy, the person who rules the country rules because they come from the right family. In a dictatorship, it is harder to know how power will be passed down.

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Out of the three government systems studied, which one allows the citizens to participate freely and influence the political process? Which one does the best job of protecting the citizen’s rights? A democracy is the best at allowing citizen participation,election process, multiple political parties, and rights are protected by a constitution.
Which group or person has the sovereign power in a democracy?citizens/people
Name two types of government that allow citizens to vote for representatives.Representative democracy and constitutional monarchy
Describe what typically happens to people that do not support a dictator’s policies or political party.Punishments, death, threaten, intimidate, imprisonment, and further suppress their rights