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When is an OSHA 301 incident report form supposed to be filled out? when reporting details about a work-related injury or illness
ABN is a medicaid form relating to what? Noncovered charges incurred during medical treatment
What is a CMS 1500 Form? a health insurance claim form used by health insurance payers to process claims submitted by health care providers
When is a quality control log used?to document results of control testing to ensure quality results of equipment and testing materials
What are the expected reference ranges in the value of a hematocrit 37% to 54%
What are the expected reference ranges of a BUN level 7% to 25mg/dL
What are the expected reference ranges of a Potassium level? 3.5 to 5.1meq/L
What is the expected reference range of a blood glucose levels? 70 to 130mg/dL
How are Oral tablets taken? They're swallowed whole
How are Sublingual tablets taken? They're placed under the patients tongue
How are effervescent oral tablets taken?They're dissolved in water
How are buccal tablets taken? Place the tablet between your gum and cheek
How do buccal tablets act faster than Oral tablets? it does not need to pass through the gastrointestinal tract to be absorbed

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What does the term Dyspnea mean? term used to describe difficult or painful breathing
What does Eupnea mean?Used to describe normal breathing
Pneumothorax means term used for a collapsed lung
What does the term Pneumonia mean? Inflammation of the lung
What method is used to notify a provider of the denial of a claim by an insurance carrier?A Remittance advice document
What does a Remittance advice document do? Itemizes all paid, denied, and allowable charges for a patient, and notifies the provider of any and all claim denials
What is a Coordination of benefits used for? the method of determining what each third party payer will pay for services provided while ensuring that overpayment will not occur
What does eligibility for insurance do? informs a patient of and provider of what services are and are not covered for reimbursement through the insurer
What is a CMS 1500 Claim form used for? to process and submit claims

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A position appropriate for a pelvic examination would be _____the Lithotomy position
What position is appropriate for an examination of the back of the body? the Prone position
What position is appropriate for an examination of the front of the body? the Supine position
What position is appropriate for a patient who is experiencing shortness of breath or has sustained a head injury? the High-Fowler's position
What cardiac procedure is within the scope of practice of an MA that does not require a licensed technician or provider to assist or perform it? A Holter Monitor. MA's can remove or place it
What cardiac procedure is a procedure that has to be performed by a licensed technician A Cardiac Doppler
What is a cardiac doppler procedure? A type of ultrasound study..............
What cardiac procedure requires the placement of an IV by a licensed technician A Nuclear Stress Test
What is a Nuclear Stress test? tertetet4r
What is a Holter Monitor? ...A System for recording cardiac activity for 24 hours or longer
What is a cardiac procedure that has to be performed by an interventional radiologist?An angiogram
What does an Angiogram involve?placing a catheter in a patient's chest
What EKG artifact is caused by a disconnected electrode and results in the tracings going into the margins of the paper? An Interrupted baseline
What is AC Interference caused by in an EKG? Electrical currents from nearby wiring or equipment and results in a series of even, small spikes in the tracing
What is a wandering baseline caused by in an EKG?poorly attached electrodes or patient movement and results in a gradual shift of the tracing away from the center of the paper
What is a Somatic tremor caused by in an EKG?muscle movement and results in irregular, jagged peaks with a shifting baseline in the tracing

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How does an MA respond to a phone call by an anxious patient? "I know you're concerned about your test results we will call you as soon as your results come in"
What pieces of protective equipment should an MA wear when assisting a patient with scabies? What type of precautions does this require? Gloves and a Gown. It requires contact precautions
What other illnesses require an MA to use contact precautions? Hepatitis A, rotavirus, and herpes zoster(Shingles)
What is another name for herpes zoster? Shingles
What should an MA wear when they have to use contact precautions? Gown and Gloves
When should an assistant wear a mask while working with patients? when working within 3 feet of a patient who has mumps, pertussis, or rubella
When should an MA wear goggles? when working within 3 feet of a patient who has meningitis or influenza
When should an MA wear a N95 respirator when caring for patients who require airborne precautions, such as patients who have tuberculosis or measles
What should another staff member do when a patient is experiencing a cardiac arrest and an MA is performing CPR on the patient? get an AED to the patient

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What is ventricular fibrillation in an EKG?,uigugugho
According to the American Heart Association's resuscitation guidelines, What should an MA do after witnessing a patient going into cardiac arrest? Call for help and perform CPR Immediately after
Should a provider be notified of a patients cardiac arrest? Yes but not immediately after
What should another staff member do when a patient has gone into cardiac arrest while an MA is performing CPR on the patient? get the AED to the patient
What does AED stand for and do? Automated External Defibrillator
What else can an MA do to help a patient who has gone into a cardiac arrest? administer oxygen to the patient
When should an MA call a provider when a patient has gone into cardiac arrest? rr43r34t3t

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When an MA is composing a business correspondence using the simplified letter style, what feature should the MA use? A Subject line in all Capital letters, and replaces the salutation (look up salutation)
When composing a business correspondence in simplified letter style, how should the complimentary closing be written? It should be omitted (look this word up) and the signature should be typed in all capital letters
How are paragraphs written in simplified letter style? All lines are flush with the left margin, similar to the style of a memorandum
What must you not do when writing in simplified letter style? Indent paragraphs
When a patient is seen for a laceration to their left foot and doesn't require stitches ,applies a dressing, and is released. What level of examination is used for the procedural coding in this visit? Problem focused examinations (look up procedural codings, and levels of examination)
What Information should an MA report to the provider? When should they tell the Provider by?Recent laboratory results. The MA should tell the provider prior to the visit, so the provider can review them with the patient during the follow-up.
What Information shouldn't an MA report to the provider? And Why?The date of an Upcoming mammogram appt because it would be addressed during the patients' appointment, and a change in the Patient's Insurance Policy because the administrative and billing department deals with that.

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An MA is assisting a patient who is 5'7" tall, What is the patient's height in centimeters? 170 cm
When checking a patients height, how does an MA convert inches to centimeters by multiplying the height (5'7" is 67 inches) by 2.54. 67 inches x 2.54 = 170.18 which rounds to 170 cm (look this up in extern notes and book notes)

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What technique should an MA use when bandaging a patient's wound? Wounds should always be wrapped from distal to proximal
What must you not do, when bandaging a patients wound? And Why? Bandage fingers and toes to prevent further injury, and so the provider can check/evaluate their circulation
How many inches beyond the dressing should a bandage extend? 1 to 2 inches........... beyond the dressing
What must an MA do, Prior to bandaging a patients' wound?Make sure the area is clean and dry
What must an MA NOT do, Prior to bandaging a patient's wound? Moisten and Apply ointment before bandaging

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What is outside of an MA's scope of practice? When ONLY can an MA do this? Ordering additional laboratory tests to confirm a patient's condition. MA's can ONLY do this with a provider's prescription
What is within an MA's scope of practice? What are they able to do? 1. They can perform clinical duties under the direct supervision of a Provider, 2. Provide directions to a patient about preparation for a diagnostic test, and 3. Reinforce patient instructions about medications and special diets