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SCMO: Manibrium of Sternum and mid. 1/3 of Clavical I: Mastoid Process of Temporal Bone
MasseterO: Zygomatic Arch I:Angle and Ramus of Mandible
TemporalisO: Tempral Fossa and Fascia I: Coronoid Process ramus of mandible
Anterior ScaleneO: Transverse processes of 3rd-6th cervical veteebrae I: 1st rib
Middle ScaleneO: Transverse processes of 2nd-7th cervical vertebrae I: 1st rib
Posterior Scalene O: Transverse proccesses of 5th-7th cervical vetebrae 1: 2nd rib
Splenius Cervicis O: Spinous proccesses of T-3 to T-6 I: Transverse processes C-1 to C-3
Spenius CapitisO: Inferior 1/2 of ligamentum nuchae and spinous processes of C-7 to T-4 I: Mastiod Process and lateral portion of superios nuchal
Spinalis O: Spinous processes of upper thoracic C7-L2 I: Spinous process of C2-T8
LongissimusO: Poserior sacrum, Illiac crest and transverse process of C5-L-5 I: Transverse proesses of C2- T12 and Ribs 4-12
IliocostalisO: Posterior surface of ribs 1-12 I: Transverse process of L1-L3
Multifidi O: Sacrum and transverse proccess of all cervical and lumbar I: Spinous process of Lumbar vertebra to C4
RoratoresO: Transverse processes of lumbar through cervical except C1-C2 I: Spinous process of lumbar vertebrae-2nd cervical vetrae
Semispinalis CapitisO: Transverse process of C4-T5 I:Between superior and inferior nuchal lines of occiput
Quadratus LumbrorumO: Last rib and transverse processes of L1-L4 I: Posterior iliac crest

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