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Question Answer
coolers are designed to cool hot foods quickly?false
cook a whole turkey to a min internal cooking temp of 155F for 15 sec?false
the first step in cooling TCS food is to cook it from 135F ro 70F within three hours?true
first cooked in a microwave must be cooked to a min internal temp of 145F?false
active managerial control focuses on managing the risk factors for foodborne illness?true
the purpose of a food safety management system is to prevent foodborne illness?true
the critical control point is a point in the flow of food where a hazard can be prevented eliminated or reduced to safe levels?true
if cooking ground-beef patties is a critical point as an operation, then an appropriate critical limit is to make sure the internal temp of the ground-beef patties reaches 155F for 15 seconds?true
rare beef145F
medium rare beef165F
warmed up past145F
cooked eggs135F