Study Guide Sci Ch 6

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Section 1

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How many layers are in the soil horizon?5 Layers
What is the basic material which forms soil?Bedrock
What is the third layer of the soil horizon?B Horizon
What is the name or layers in which animals are found?A Horizon or Topsoil
Which layers are animals found in?O Horizon (Organic) or A Horizon (Topsoil)

Section 2

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What is the agent of mechanical weathering in which rock is worn away by grinding action?Abrasion
What kind of weathering causes the mineral composition of rock to changeChemical Weathering
What is the most important factors in determining the rate of weathering?Rock Type and Climate
Action of animals most commonly causes _____________weathering.Mechanical
Some Plants produce acids that result in ______________weathering.Chemical

Section 3

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What is a valuable resource for all living things?Topsoil
How long did it take for the prairie to develop?Thousands of Years
What is the method call for conserving soil as little as possible?Conservation Plowing
What is the method call for plowing fields along the curve of a slope?Contour Plowing
What is the method used for the management of soil to limit its destruction?Soil Conservation

Section 4

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What is soil with nearly equal parts of silt, sand & clay?Loam
What was houses on prairie made of? Sod
What theory which states: same processes that operate today also operated in the past?Uniformitarianism
What is the prevention of losing vital topsoil called?Conservation
What is it called when leaves pile up in the fall?Liter

Section 5