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The total number of chromosomes in a human is46
Which is an example of connective tissueBone
The phalanges are bones in the Fingers and Toes
Which part of the long bone contains red bone marrowEpiphysis
How many vertebra are classified as lumbar5
Example of a ball and socket jointHip
Which part of the brain controls respirationBrainstem
Which condition is caused by a virus traveling over the neural pathwayShingles
The receptors for night vision are termedRods
The Eustachian Tube connects the throat with the Middle Ear
The eardrum is also known as the Tympanic Membrane
The external layer of the heart is the Epicardium
Clusters of lymph nodes are found in the Axilla
Inspired air is formed and filtered in theNose
How many lobes make up the right lung 3
The normal adult respiration rate per minute is approximately12-16 per minute
Mechanical Digestive begins in the Mouth
Place parts of the urinary tract in the correct orderRenal Pelvis, Ureter, Urinary Bladder, Urethra
The part of the kidney responsible for filtering of waste products from the blood is theNephrons
Which prefix has the same meaning as intra- en-, endo-, end-
What is the correct spelling for the term that means inflammation of the bronchiB-R-O-N-C-H-I-T-I-S
Which suffix means surgical crushing-Tripsy
What is the correct spelling for the word that means an x-ray image of the bladderC-Y-S-T-O-G-R-A-M

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What is the correct spelling for the term that means rapid flow of bloodH-E-M-O-R-R-H-A-G-E
What is the definition of 'Abduction'To move away from the midline of the body
The suffix (rrhea) used in the integumentary system meansDischarge
The starting point of the muscle is called the Origin
Which word describes the inner most layer of skin, containing the fatty tissueSubcutanous Layer
The skin is the largest organ of the body and can weigh more than ___lb in an adult20
The embryo is an ovum maturing in the uterus during which time periodThe first 0-8 weeks of pregnancy
The lymph nodes located in the groin are calledInguinal Lymph Nodes
Build a medical term meaning 'visual examination of a joint'Anthroscopy
VenogramX-ray of the veins
PhlebitisInflammation of the veins
ThrombosisBlood clotting
EmbolismBlocking of an artery
AnthroscopeInstrument for examining a joint
BronchoscopeInstrument for examining the interior of the bronchus
ColposcopeInstrument for examining the cervix and vagina
GastroscopeInstrument for examining the inside of the stomach
LaparoscopeInstrument for examining the peritoneal cavity
OpthalmoscopeInstrument for examining the eye
OtoscopeInstrument for examining the ear
SigmoidoscopeInstrument for examining the sigmoid colon
The most abundant body tissue is the Connective
The peritoneum lines which cavityAbdominal

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Which bones make up the pectoral girdleScapula and Clavicle
Afferent NeuronsSensory organs to the central nervous system
Efferent NeuronsCentral nervous system to the sensory organs and limbs
Sensory Neurons transmit impulses from the ___ to the ____agggggh
The order of the meningeal layers beginning with the innermost layerPia, Anachoid, Dura, Bone, Periosteum, Skin
The external and middle portions of the ear are separated by the Tympanic Membrane
The part of the ear that functions as the sense organ for balance is the Inner ear, Semicircular canal
Sickle Cell Anemia is a disease that affectsRed Blood Cells
The Bicuspid (Mitral) Valve is located between theLeft Atria and Left Venticle
Capillaries connectArterioles and Venules
The outermost part of the kidney is the Renal Cortex
Sperm cells are produced in the Seminiferous Tubes
The anatomical plane dividing the body into upper and lower halves is referred to asTransverse
Which suffix indicates an excessive discharge-Rrhage
The suffix 'itis' refers toInflammation
The term 'oliguria' meansDiminished urine secretion in relation to fluid intake
The prefix 'dys-' meansPain, bad, disordered
The white portion of the eye is the Sclera

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An artificial opening in the windpipe is referred to asTrachea (?)
The term 'hepatomeagaly' indicates the enlargement of the Liver
Otitis Media is a condition affecting the following part of the earMiddle
The vessels that carry blood containing carbon dioxide back to the heart are calledPulmonary Vein
The expansion and contraction produced by blood as it moves through an artery produces the Pulse
What is the medical term for inflammation of the small intestineEnteritis
What is the first section of the small intestineDuodenum
Which circulation loop carries oxygenated blood from the heart to the cells of the bodyAorta
The large muscle that is important in the respiratory system is the Diaphragm
The normal length of a pregnancy is 40 weeks :P
The three types of muscle tissue are Skeletal, smooth, cardiac
The prefix (brady) used in the muscular system meansSlow
What kind of muscle is found in the internal organsSmooth
CardiologistMedical specialty of the heart
Neurologist Medical specialty of the nervous system
Gastroenterologist Medical specialty of the stomach
OncologistMedical specialty of cancer
Hematologist Medical specialty of the blood
PathologistMedical specialty of the tissues
Layers of the HeartFibrous, Parietal, Pericardial, Visceral, Myocardium, Endocardium