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Bartholomeu Dias failed to complete a sea voyage to India because His sailors insisted on returning home
The significance of Magellan's experience was that he proved that sailing west from Europe was possible but too far and dangerous to be practical
The Council of the Indies did all of the followingDecided which Spanish laws should be revised for the New World 2.Advise the king on everything pertaining to colonial affairs 3.Meet between three to five hours daily and approve all significant expenditures
Each was part of the "Columbian Exchange':1.introduction of wheAt and grapes to the Western Hemisphere 2.Introduction of tabacco ansern Hemisphere 3.Encourage competetion among the European powers.
The two viceroyalties in Spanish America werePeru and New Spain
The largest owner of property in the New World was theCatholic Church
Criollos were White American born in the Americas
The colony the Catholics founded in the 1630's wasMaryland
The Treaty of Tordesillas had this effect on European commerce in the Eastern Hemisphere: It allowed Portugal to avoid competition in the region
This best states Luther's basic doctrine:salvation is achieved through faith alone
Calvinists in France were known asHuguenots
Accurately represents Lutheran theology1.Communion and Baptism are the only true sacraments 2.Chruch leaders should marry instead of remaining celibate 3.The pope has no authority over the Church and People must read and interpret the Bible for themselves
Calvinists in Scotland were known asPresbyterians
By the middle of the sixteenth century, Spain the most powerful European country
Queen Elizabeth of England wasProtestant
ALl were CatholicQueen Mary of England; Mary, Queen of Scots; and King Philip II of Spain

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The eventual results of the Thirty years War and the Peace of Westphalia was that theunity in the Holy Roman Empire was lost as each state could decide religious affairs for itself
Elizabeth I of England attempted to create religious atmosphere that pleased bothCatholics and Protestant
Policies created by governments to create a favorable balance of trade i which exports exceeded imports are collectively knowns asMercantilism
The "bourgeoisie" was the Middle CLass
The most important reason that Henry VIII broke with the Roman church was becausehe could not get Rome's permission to divorce his wife Catherine
The Council of Trent took the posistion that faith and good works were required for salvation
The most influential Christian humanist who popularized the reform program of Christian humanism wasDesiderius Erasmus
Ignatius Loyola founded theThe society of Jesus(Jesuits)
In Protestant Europe in the 1500's and 1600's ministers wereallowed to get married and to have families