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Effective note taking skills consits of three partsobserving, recording, and reviewing
Note taking is useful only if you participate as an energetic observer in class
What is the best way to listen to an instructors lecture?Sitting up close to the front, engaged
During a lecture or office presentation, if you hear something you disagree with, you shouldwrite down your diagreement and focus on the rest of the presentation
Some of the things you can do to make your notes better might beuse key words,copy all material from the board, leave blank space for further notes, color code information
The Cornell format of note taking consists ofa cue column, a notes section, and a summary
Mind mapping helps you in the note taking process because itinvolves both left and right brain functions
A reason tape recorders can be used effectively in lecture is because you canuse them when the instuctor speaks fast
The difference between reviewing notes and research notes is that research notes use source cards and information cards
The power process " i create it all" and only take notes from the power point slidesfeeling powerful and knowing you can change your behavior and responses
When taking notes during your fast-paced meetingsflag items that require your follow up
The Cornell format of note-taking includes a cue column thatlist potential questions or key words generated from the note column
Often a discussion a "right brain" activity would include terms/phrases such as creative, pattern forming, intuitive
An outlinve shows the relationship between _____ AND _____major points and supporting ideas
__________ is a note taking tool used to reduce an authors message to its essence and display the organization of ideas concept mapping
the A of the 4 A's refers to the orders of items to be discussed in a meeting is the_______agenda
List some clues that your professor might give that some pieces of information are more important that others be alert to repition, listen for introductory phrases, write info on board, be anxious
List some of the things you can do when your instructoe talks fastrecord(if allowed), ask ?'s. exchange notes, ask instructor to slow down, leave spaces in notes
list three methods to improve your note-taking skillsuse key words, use pictures and diagrams, write notes in paragraphs