Student sucess ch 1

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Which does not describe the First step techniquecritizing the way things have been
The purpose of the discovery wheel is toprovide a picture of how you see your self as a student/employee
A person who best precieves information as an abstract conceptualization willanalyze the information from many perspectives to understand the expierence
A person who best processes information by active experimentation willjump in and start doing things immediately because this fosters learning
Which is true of Gardners ideas concerning multiple intellegences each of us have all of the intellegences in some degree
Characteristics of a master student include a willing to take responsibility for everything in ones life
The power process "ideas are tools" suggest that we should notdiscard an idea if it does not work
The VAK system incorporates three styles or sensory modes of learning that include visual, auditory, kinesthetic
The master student might demonstrate the following except avoiding risk
Metacognition isknowing about knowing
Once you have discovered your strongest multiple intellegences, you can use them increase your option d for sucess
The four modes of learning are associated with 4 ?, exceptMode 4: when
What is not a technique for developing strong self motivationignoring your goals
Seeing is to visual learning as hearing is to auditory learning as___is to kinesthetic learning moving
In order to bring about a change in your behavior you should definately not feel any discomfort