Structure Of The Genome

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Explain conservative DNA replication modelThe 2 parental DNA strands are back togeher after replication has occured. 1 daughter molecule contains both parental DNA strands and the other daughter molecules contains DNA strands of all newly synthesised material
Explain semi conservative DNA replicationThe 2 parental DNA strands seperate and each of those strands serves as a template. The result is 2 DNA double helices both of which consist of 1 parental and 1 new strand
Explain dispersive DNA replicationParental double helix is broken into ds DNA segments that act as templates for synthesis of new double helix moluecles. The segments then reassemble > complete DNA double helices, each with parental and progeny DNA segments interspersed
What does a regulatory sequence gene code forCodes for transcription factors
Explain process of splicingBBP (Branchpoint binding protein) and U2AF (splicing factor) recognise the branch point site in the intron. SnRNPS's splice the genome out. Splicesome rearranges. Exons joined together.
Explain the wobble hypothesis Some trna molecules have inosine at the third position which can bind to U,C and A
What % of the human genome codes for proteins2%
Are satellite DNA highly/moderate repetitiveHighly repetitive
Are tandem repeats highly/moderate repetitive?Moderate repetitive
Are interspersed repeats highly/moderately repetitiveModerate repetitive
Where is satellite DNA found?Main component of functional centromeres and forms the main structural consistuent of heterochromatin
3 types of tandem repeats?1) Microsatellites 2)Minisatellites 3)Macrosatellites
Lenght of microsatellites?2-5bp
Where are minisatellites found?Near telomeres
Length short interspersed nuclear elements?<500bp
Length of long intersperesed nuclear elements>500bp
What are variable number tandem repeats?Short DNA sequences repeated in tandem (adjacent to one another)
What are telomeric repeats?Clusters of repeated 6bp TTAGGG
Importance of telomeric repeats?1) Important for integrity of chromosomes 2) Allows replication of ends of chromosomes