Structure of DNA

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Paragraph 1: Introduction
• Frederick Miescher
• Phoebus Leven
• Oswald Avery
• Erwin Chargaff
• Rosalind franklin
• Maurice Wilkens
Paragraph 2: Miescher and Levene
• 1869 Miescher responsible for discovering DNA – did not know it
• isolated high phosphorus containing substance from white blood cells
• called nuclei came from nucleus
• Levene whole career studied nuclei further
• order of components of nucleic acids
• DNA complex store genetic codes
Paragraph 3: Avery
• 1943, contradicted Levene, DNA does store hereditary information
• revolutionary discovery, vital for DNA investigation
Paragraph 4: Chargaff
• late 1940’s, paved way for us
• nucleotide composition varies amongst species
• Chargaff’s rule: adenine thymine, cytosine guanine (ratio’s)
Paragraph 5: Wilkens and Franklin
• Early 1950’s x-ray diffraction image of DNA structure
• X shape with rungs (double helix bases)
• Lecture- creating 3D model