Stress and Health

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Section 1

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Facial feedback hypothsisregardless of your actual emotion if you were to smile you could trick yourself into feeling happier and vice versa
IntrovertsBetter at interpreting people's feelings
ExtrovertsBetter at expressing feelings
Stressthe process by which we percieve and respond to certain events, or stressors, that we view as challenging or threatening
VacillationGoing back and forth (usually in situations of motivational conflict)
SatietyBeing full to the max
Self-efficacy"belief in one's ability to make change,"

Section 2

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Sexual Behaviour
Gender an indiviualds sense of identifying as male, female, or another gender identity

Genetic Basis of Love

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Passionate LoveIntensely emotional involving strong sexual attraction
Romantic LoveStrong affection and trust, feeling of closeness without the same burning obsession and desire as passionate
What does Sternberg's theory theory consist of?passion, intimacy, commitment
Secure Attachment StylePerson Accepts their own lifestyle and supports their partners individual interests and goals
Anxious-Ambivalent Attachment StylePerson desires closeness but is anxious about the threat of abandonment or rejection. Leads to avoidance or being super clingy
Avoidant Attachment StyleThe hit and quit it type of people don’t want a relationship just want a one time thing.

Social Influences on Thought and Behaviour

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"The Fallacy"Belief that a person who does monstrous deeds must be a monster, and is someone sick and evil
The Role of Attitudes ( or Beliefs)can be individual derived from personal experience and reflection or can be given by an external source
AuthoritarianismUnquestioning acceptance of attitudes given by authority figures (e.g religious or political leaders, “experts”, parents)
ConservationismUnquestioning acceptance of attitudes provided by tradition (e.g cultural beliefs, religious rituals)
GroupthinkTendency for group members to think alike and suppress dissent (look at all the sheeple)
Cognitive Dissonancethe state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change
Fundamental AttributionSomething along the lines of the were so stupid the deserved it attitude
Just World HypothesisPeople get what they deserve thinking
Self Serving BiasWhen one does something bad it's because of the situation but when one does good it's because of their personality (IM SOO KIND attitude)
Diffusion of responsibilityPeople are less likely to help the more people are present

Some more Thought and behaviour terms

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EthnocentrismBelief that one's culture or ethnic group is superior to all others. (Contrary to pop beliefs usually is caused by normal motives)
In-Group SolidarityWhen you are in a group and you feel like you belong
positive and negative of In-Group Solidaritymakes you belong but places members in opposition of other groups
PrejudiceStrong dislike or hatred of members of another group (based on negative stereotypes that are maintained even in the face of clear contradictory evidence)

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