Strategic Locations

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Question Answer
Straits of GibraltarBetween Spain and Morocco, Atlantic Ocean
Panama CanalUS/Mexico & South America, Caribbean Sea
Suez CanalEgypt, Mediterranean Sea
Bab el MandebYemen, Red Sea, South of Suez Canal
Straits of HormuzBetween Persian Gulf/Gulf of Oman
Danish StraitsSkagerrak/Kattlesat North Sea/Baltic Sea, Denmark
Turkish StraitsBasphorus/Dordenalts Aegean Sea, TUrkey
Straits of MalaccaIndian Ocean/South CHina Sea, Malaysia and Singapore
Horn of AfricaSomalia
Cape HornSouthern tip of South America Argentina
Yucatan PeninsulaOff the coast of Cuba Yucatan
Cape of Good HopeSouthern tip of Africa north of beving sea
Bering Straitsbetween alaska and russia
Barents seaNorth of Murmansk
Marianas TrenchDeepest part of the ocean
What percentage of the earth's surface is covered by water?71%